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Bathroom Shower Track with Ball Chain

I wanted to answer some questions about one of my favorite elements of this space, the shower curtain track.  When trying to determine the perfect curtain rod, I knew I wanted something that would draw the eye up.  I considered a custom full length shower curtain, but felt that with these clients I could try something a little unexpected.

After some research I came across Trax and knew that this would be the ideal solution.  This product comes in a multitude of shapes and is also available in custom sizes.  The slimline track simply screws into the ceiling (using the proper anchors) and comes with glides that allow for some  customization.

After we received the track, I played around with the glides and learned that the components are easily separated allowing for new ball chain to be connected.  You must use a #10 or 4.55mm ball chain.  

If you are looking for their standard ball chain, you can order the glides with a custom length of silver ball chain directly from Trax.  But I was looking for the perfect gold to go with our faucets and hardware.  Fortunately, I stumbled upon this Antique Brown ball chain on Amazon ( I ordered two 10 foot lengths) and took the risk... hoping it would match.  It was perfect!  

Using wire cutters I cut 18" length pieces and attached the existing hooks to the new gold chain using the metal couplers that came with the chain.  After they were hung, a few needed trimming but it was a relatively quick and painless install.  The entire project took about 30 minutes.  

Now I am off to take some measurements of the living room for the ORC!!!  I hope you all have a great weekend!!

xo - Kristin

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  1. Thank you for the explanation and resources. I Love Love Love this!!!

  2. I did this for my home in Portugal late 1990's and had to figure out my own way to make. This is great that there is a special one for it now. Since my fittings were all chrome, I used the nickle ball and chain....worked!

  3. Thanks so much for this inspiration. I immediately ordered 3 trax for my bathrooms after your initial post. My fixtures are chrome so I don't need to change the ball and chain. All my bathrooms have 9 ft. ceilings so I plan on playing around with different lengths of chain to evoke various moods depending on the bathrooms. At least one will be full height for the drama! I'm looking at creating shower curtains now - there are so many fabulous fabric choices out there right now. The fabric at Tonic Living has me dreaming! Thanks again for getting my creative juices flowing.


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