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Stockings with a Purpose

Thank you all for the kind words on our Holiday Home Tour yesterday!  It has been fun switching up color palettes this season.  Who says you have to have red & green to be festive?! 

I showed you all our new stockings yesterday & couldn't be prouder to share the story behind them (& how you can get them too!)  

They all started with this sketch I created a few months back...

My friend Melinda over at the beautiful shop MindaHome, contacted me about collaborating on this project for the Holiday Season.  I adore her products (you might remember them too… the Moroccan Wedding Blanket & Gorgeous Custom Pillows we added to my daughter's room earlier this year!) & knew that this could be a really exciting collaboration!  

I sent Melinda a few sketches showing my general design & inspirations & she ran with it!  Melinda worked with artisans from Nepal to weave the herringbone fabric, the tassels are adorned with brass beads hand crafted in Ethiopia & the finishing touches are festive brass jingle bells from India.  There is also the option for monogramming, I choose to have a single initial in metallic gold… obviously.

So not only are these beautiful handmade stockings, they have an amazing story behind them.  And the most important part is their purpose...

ONE:ONE Holiday is the generous program that MindaHome is offering which donates one gorgeous stocking to a Homeless Youth for every stocking sold.  She has a stunning variety of stockings with this same promise.  But with the purchase of the stocking I designed 50% of the proceeds will be headed to the Atlanta Mission.  The Atlanta Mission is an organization focusing on transforming lives of those facing homelessness.

So not only are you getting a beautiful hand made stocking, but you are providing the truly beautiful gift of giving as well.  

xo - Kristin

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