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An Unexpected Window Treatment

There are a lot of things that can be done to protect your interiors.  And I must admit, that I try to use these tricks to protect fabrics, furniture, etc… I try to upholster my larger pieces in outdoor fabric to protect from fading.  I used a white linen on the back of these floral pillows which prevented fading on the back.  And I also have been known to finish furniture with Marine Varnish to prevent fading if placed in a sunny spot.  But one thing that I had never thought of before was window film. 

We have our windows tinted on our cars to help with the hot summer sun & to help with fading, so I was honestly surprised I had never considered the same for our home.  Besides helping to save our furniture & fabrics, the window film is also beneficial in protecting your floors, area rugs & artwork.  

Recently, LLumar® Film came out to our home & we discussed the benefits of window film.  I was surprised at the breadth of options available.  They asked what our issues or concerns were & I replied with our top two:

1 // Heat.  We live in HotLanta (no one really calls it that here, but it is true!)  Regardless of the AC running & the ceiling fans blowing it gets ridiculously hot, especially if the blinds are open.  I hate leaving them closed all of the time working from home, but the heat just becomes too much to handle so they stay closed 90% of the time.

2 // Color clarity.  Being a designer (& photographing our home regularly) the last thing I wanted to do was change the color coming in through the windows.  The natural light is amazing! I just didn't want to make the home darker or have any other color tones coming into the house.

The installer walked me through the options available & I was quickly relieved that the range is much wider than those available in the Car Tint arena.  These residential tints are thinner & provide benefits starting from the clearest of films.

Here is our Kitchen Window we first looked at during full sun.  There is a window screen on the lower half of the window, so that breaks the glare a little bit, but not much.

And here is the window with two different film samples taped on the window.  I was instantly surprised by the glare reduction & clarity provided.

The option on the left was a darker film & a little too dark for our space, but the option on the right provided great coloration & clarity, with the added benefits of UV Ray protection & heat control.

The installation process could not have been quicker either.  This is the other window in our Kitchen before the film.  Again, I took these during full sun, so there is a lot of glare.

The professional installers apply the film to the interior of the window using a simple solution of distilled water & a little baby shampoo.  They sprayed down the window & the film & used a squeegee to remove any air bubbles.  A few minutes later, this was the result… again with full sun & the same camera settings/angle.

I have told friends that I feel like we put a great pair of polarized sunglasses on our home.  The views are crystal clear & the colors appear a little brighter.  We decided to use the Vista by LLumar Ceramic Series 45 for our windows on this side of the house as the main concerns here were heat & color clarity.  Basically the higher the number, 45/55/65 the lighter the film.  The main benefits are the blocking of 99% damaging UV Rays as well as a 45% heat reduction entering our windows.  Which is huge!  After being installed nearly two weeks ago, the Kitchen blinds have remained open & this room is so much cooler.  

If you are looking to have window film professionally installed, LLumar® has a wide variety & dealers/installers nationwide. You can also read more about the benefits here.

And if you are looking to complete the project yourself, I'll be back soon with a DIY alternative as well.

xo - Kristin

**I was compensated by LLumar and received product for this post, but the opinions are 100% my own.  I am truly impressed by the results.

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