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Hanging Around

Whether they are used inside or out, hanging rattan chairs have a soft spot in my design loving heart.  While incredibly chic & lustworthy, they also capture a casualness that invites you to simply sit down & relax.  These types of chairs have been on my wish list for a while now & I can just see one of these on one of our patios… Most of these come in various colors as well as have the option to hang them from the ceiling (obviously consulting with a professional for this task) or by using a floor stand, which is also a beautiful option.

They range in price, and also material used… so this is something to consider when looking into these chairs.  Will they be outdoors, on a covered patio, or inside of your home?!  Vintage versions are also available when searching sites such as Chairish, Etsy & eBay.

For some more inspiration on how these chairs can exist in your life too, here are a few of my favorite images including hanging chairs!

via A Storied Style aka… my soul sister.  Love you Grace.

xo - Kristin

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  1. I love this! I still have a papasan chair and as much as I wish it wasn't still in my living room I kind of don't want to part with it just in case I can use it later for a use similar to these pretty hanging rattan chairs.

    xo Liz | Pretty Sweet Life

  2. i am obsessed. the inspiration pictures are stunning and i love the options you found to buy. may have to pick me up one of these asap.

  3. love these. i grew up having one in our living room, and have been debating putting one in my own living room.

  4. Thanks Kristin. I'm in the market for one and the next time I'm at a store, I'm bringing in a frozen bird to see if it fits.

  5. SO in love with hanging chairs! I have been planning to put one in my daughter's room when we move, but now, I wonder if it should go in my bedroom where we all spend time!

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  7. Kristin - I love your style and blog and can't wait to see your new kitchen! We recently remodeled our kitchen and I originally went with the double oven range option, but changed it after visiting the oven in person. I really don't want to poo poo on your gorgeous choices, I just want to share what I discovered. The top oven is quite small, but would probably get the most week-to-week use for a single item baking/cooking. The bottom oven is really low to the ground. Anything larger than a cake/sheet pan requires a full squat down to the floor. Maybe you already know all of this - in which case never mind. :) I ended up doing a wall oven in our island in addition to the slide in range. I do have to say that I love having a second oven for entertaining and if you are short on space the double oven range could work beautifully for you. Best wishes with the remodel!

  8. YES! Love these!! We spotted that one at Pier 1 last weekend and considered two for the screen porch...but figured we might need to wait until the kids were past the monkey years! ;)


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