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Artist Spotlight: Clare Elsaesser

One of my favorite Artists, Clare Elsaesser, is now offering large scale 30" x 40" prints!  I have her work in our kitchen ("Undo"), as well as in Chloe's room ("Gone Wild") & simply adore them.  I am also loving her latest works…

These are all available in a wide range of sizes, but the large scale prints are completely on trend with one statement piece replacing the gallery wall.  Have you all noticed this too?!  Obviously I love a Gallery Wall, but one large strong piece can really make a big impact… literally!

Clare has been gracious enough to offer you all 15% any order from her Esty shop using the code HUNTED15, so if you are looking to add some beautiful pieces to your home, this is a great time!

Btw… you will want to make sure to check back in tomorrow.  #justsayin

xo - Kristin

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  1. I love her work! I have "Swirl" in my house and "Above" by her husband Kai Samuels Davis, who is also incredible, and they are even more beautiful in person!

  2. Kristin! Your kitchen is so dreamy. I am totally flattered every time I get to see one of my prints in your gorgeous house. Thanks so much for the incredibly kind words, and for including my work on your blog! xo, clare

  3. Wow, thank you so much for the lovely compliments on our work, Michelle!

  4. Where are you seeing this replace the gallery wall?

  5. Paying attention to trends is part of my job, and in following magazines and other design related sites there has been more of a switch to a statement piece vs the collected gallery. I'm not saying Gallery Walls are out!! By any means, simply stating a shift in what is being shown in some of the high end shelter publications.

  6. You have such a great eye for art! Thank you for sharing!

  7. I love all her pieces....and adore them in your home! I'll be back your boots! xo


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