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Furniture Feature: Arhaus

I am a furniture addict… obviously.  So when we are planning a trip to the movies, I strategically plan the outing around one of my favorite furniture stores, Arhaus.  Fortunately for me, Atlanta has one of the most beautiful Arhaus Showrooms that just so happens to be under our favorite Movie Theatre, so while the family is buying tickets, getting popcorn & finding seats, I am downstairs taking in the beautiful surroundings & sourcing my new favorite finds.  It has gotten to the point where my family just says well see you in 30 minutes… 

The quality of their furniture is what I truly appreciate.  Their products are well made, with the most beautiful wood finishes & created to be a lasting piece in your home.  The classic designs that fill their collections are items that can fit into any decor style & last a lifetime.

Above I have shared a few of my recent favorites!  Those sheepskin chairs are my latest obsession.  Aren't they amazing!?!!!  

Right now they are running a massive Warehouse Sale through February 28th, with deals up to 60% off!  So if you are looking to add some quality furniture to your home, now would be a great time to buy.  

Also, if you are in the Sarasota, FL area a new Arhaus Showroom opens on the 27th!  So be sure to go & check it out.  It really is a beautiful store.

Happy Thursday!!

xo - Kristin

** This post is sponsored by Arhaus, but the opinions & item selections are all my own.  I truly adore this store.
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  1. Oh that ottoman and those chairs. So pretty!

  2. I have to drive about 90 minutes to get to an Arhaus (in Raleigh, NC), but the drive is always so worth it! Their furniture is drool worthy and the store is always filled to the brim with inspiration.

  3. oh my gosh, a pair of those chairs is exactly what i am looking for in my living room!

  4. I used to own an Arhaus leather chesterfield sofa that I had purchased at a consignment store here in Nashville. I will have to say it is one of the best made, top-quality sofas I've ever had the pleasure of owning. Sometimes I kick myself for selling it, but it was too big for our new house. In any case, their furnishings are really good quality. A bit pricey, but you do get what you pay for.


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