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My Go To // Floral Fabrics

I am a Floral Fabric Addict.  And apparently you all are too, because I am constantly asked about my favorite floral fabrics.  I have compiled a grouping of a few of my go to florals above with my all time favorite being Designers Guild's Orangerie.  These are the floral pillows I literally move around my entire house & they work in every space.  The bright saturation of colors & the beautiful painted quality of this fabric makes it a classic in my book.

I have also recently added the first floral on the list, Claribel, in my daughter's room as drapery panels. (Pictures coming soon)  The scale of the blooms are really impressive & the large scale of the pattern makes it a great drapery fabric.

If you are on the hunt for fabulous floral pillows, I like to search Etsy & eBay first.  I use the key words of the particular fabric I am looking for or simply "Floral Designer Pillows".  And a beautiful array instantly appear.

What are your favorite florals?!!  I'd love to check them out as I am always looking for more options!!

xo - Kristin
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  1. Ugh, yes, I've TOTALLY been looking for something like this (typing in "floral fabric" anywhere brings up a lot of...questionable...florals). Question on Orangerie (my fave of this bunch)--do you have a go-to online source for buying fabric by the yard?

  2. P.S. Another good floral I like (leans sort of "granny" but is aaaalmost okay) is Waverly Spring Bling:

  3. Oh, I am such a sucker for florals. Love Liberty of London fabric too of course. Floral just goes with everything.

  4. Not a huge fans of florals, love animal prints. but the arabelle I could get with.

  5. I love floral print soooooo much!!!

  6. Designers Guild Orangerie is my favorite floral fabric ever. I offer it my online pillow shop, and have plans to add it to my own living room via some 22x22 pillows in the next few weeks. It's also amazing as a lumbar.

    For those who like the bright white background and bright colors in Orangerie, but can't fit the cost into their budgets, I also like Waverly Spring Bling. I recently added it to my pillow shop as an Orangerie alternative.

    I'm also going to check out L&S Claribel. I loved it in the sneak peak your showed of Chloe's room on IG. Like Orangerie, it looks awesome with black and white. Looking forward to seeing a full room tour!

  7. Orangerie is a to the trade fabric, and for some strange reason, the trade prices in the US are more expensive than the source I use in the UK. I'll get in touch with you and give you a price per yard, in case you're interested in purchasing any Orangerie fabric through me.

  8. Honorable Mentions? Aloha print (cheesy and tommy bahama classy), watercolor...


  9. So many beautiful fabrics - love Caitlin Wilson's flowers!!

  10. I JUST purchased Paint Palette for some pillows in my master! I love, love, love it!!! Thank you for sharing the rest of these beauties!


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