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Boy's Room + Major Announcement

I am so pleased to finally announce that as of today I am an online Style Influencer for Domino Magazine.  So I will be sharing projects & ideas on on a regular basis & couldn't be more excited.  I had such a great experience working with the Domino team on our Breakfast Nook last Spring, that when they approached me about becoming a regular presence… I obviously said YES!

The first project I am sharing is my Stepson's new room.  Coming together in less than three weeks, this room was pulled out of thin air it seems.  By bringing in a lot of items we had stored in the attic (thank God I am a hoarder collector!) & creating a few new projects, we were able to completely surprise the fifteen year old.  Which I think was a pretty major accomplishment in itself.  

I'll be sharing all of the projects & details here next week so stay tuned.  But the first look is on today!  So be sure to head over & check it out. 

teen boy bedroom reveal
The ultimate bedroom makeover.

xo - Kristin

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  1. That is so exciting - congratulations! Love Domino!
    xx Lexi @glitterinclexi | Glitter, Inc.

  2. Yahoo mama! So exciting! Big hugs from out west! Xx

  3. very, VERY exciting m'lady!!! such a great accomplishment, you absolutely deserve it! And might I admit, i think it's about time I get myself a belt sander...

  4. So exciting and the room is gorgeous! Congratulations

  5. WHAT! That is SO cool (and so well deserved). One million congrats!

  6. YAY! Kristin GREAT NEWS! Congrats, congrats! And I have to say that little hand just adds something ;)

  7. Kristin, LOVE everything about this!! And congrats on the Domino news! So well deserved.

  8. Beautiful and great inspiration for my guest room/son's room. Would you mind sharing your source for the fur throw at the bottom of the bed?


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