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Bedroom Revamp: Vintage Dresser & Gallery Wall

Remember a week or two back I wrote a post on my favorite dressers & how I had been on the hunt for four years with no luck… I swear to you, the very next day I found this vintage beauty on Craigslist!  Meant to be.  It is in near perfect condition for being 60+ years old & is a solid as a rock! I couldn't bare to paint the gorgeous walnut graining & even fell for the vintage brushed brass pulls… I have never bought a piece like this where not one thing needed changing.  LOVE!  Also, I adore the warmth the natural wood brings into the space.  Adios Ikea dresser that I tried DIY'ing one too many times.  Sometimes, you just need a fresh start.  

Speaking of a fresh start, our little TV gallery wall needed an update as well.  The previous one had been picked over for other spaces in the house leaving empty nails in their place.  So I decided to interject some color from one of my favorite sources for art around, Minted.  The great thing about Minted's Art Marketplace is that there is such a variety of styles that you can truly find something you will love.  They also do a great job of featuring Independent Artists!  

The first prints I choose are from artist Kristi Kohut of Hapiart.  Her vibrant pieces are full of color & pattern, two of my favorite things.  And quite honestly there isn't one piece of hers that I wouldn't own. She has quickly jumped to the top of my favorite artist list.  I also love them hanging on the Fawn Paper.  It is an unexpected pairing that simply works in my eyes.  These are the two pieces I used… Linked No. 3 & After-Glow.  Love.

I also fell for this fantastic beach scene entitled Seaside by Alexandra Nazari.  The colors were perfection & the subject matter is something both my husband & I love, so it was a natural fit.

The last piece was the Hello Zebra! print from Guacho Works.  The digitally manipulated colored pencil work speaks to my love of the print, as well as stripes.  

There was an obvious symmetry evolving on this wall & I wanted to anchor it with one of our existing Sunburst Mirrors.  And after the Fawn wall covering went up, I thought it apropos to add the white faux antlers into the grouping as well.  A gallery wall doesn't have to just be artwork & frames.  I think the addition of mirrors & sculptural elements help to add character, especially when a TV is involved.  Have to distract the eye somehow!

There will be a little break from the bedroom posts Thursday for something fun, but I'll be back to talk about the Bed on Friday!

xo - K

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  1. I'm in love with how this dresser found you right after your "dresser post." And it is perfection. So glad you left the gorgeous wood and pulls. Your prints and styling is wonderful. And yes - the faux antlers were totally appropriate - maybe even necessary. :)

  2. Its so damn good Kristen! All of it!

  3. This is incredible, Kristen! I love it. That dresser is GORGEOUS! I have been looking for one just like that for a client. Great job!

  4. love the symmetrical arrangement with all that whimsical art and really helps tie the art with the formal moulding. really, really lovely.

  5. So good, K. I love the warm wood tones, I've been craving some of that in our master bedroom. Can I be annoying and ask where the gold task lamp is from? xo

  6. LOVE!! that dresser was such an amazing find, definitely agree to leave the wood, I love the warmth that it adds! Also, love your gallery wall, minted has such a great selection!

  7. This is so cute, I love your wall art arrangement! <3

  8. Wow - what a lucky Craigslist find! I love the look.

  9. I am dying over that dresser! Such a find and your styling is spot on as always :) xoxo

  10. That sunburst mirror is PERFECT. Where did you get it please? :)

  11. So fresh yet cozy! That fawn wallpaper is so great and adds so much warmth to the room.


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