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Tips on Adding Trim

One of my favorite changes in our living room was the addition of more trim.  I think moulding adds so much character into a space & can be a relatively easy & cost effective way to really change a space.  Using stock moulding profiles from Home Depot, I was able to add a few custom touches that required just a little creativity & vision.

Our gridded wall is a great example of these...

We already had the Picture Moulding detail on this wall (basically just a large rectangle of trim on the wall).  But I wanted to beef it up a little bit.... So I added a second piece of trim to the inside of the existing rectangle.

I installed them flush with each other & once they were caulked & painted, they really do read as one larger piece of moulding.  This is a great way to achieve a specific look or size you are looking for, if you just can't find the stock piece you need.  This trick also allowed me to have a flat surface that was deep enough to allow the flat gridded boards to sit flush against the new interior of the Picture Moulding.

I also decided I wanted to bulk up our skimpy existing baseboards.  At only around 4" tall, they almost disappeared into the space.  I used a similar trick for this as well...

I added a 3/4" piece of moulding about an 1 1/2" above the existing moulding.  This was attached directly to the wall.  Again, after it was all caulked & painted out (including the 1 1/2" void in between) it appears to be one solid baseboard that has much more presence in the space.

Here are a few other tricks on installing Moulding in your own home.

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  1. Wow! I love it! Would love to try this in my home!

  2. Gorgeous. Once my new floors are down I hope to add some molding too. Your is fabulous and I love how you have stacked different ones together.

  3. Kristin, great work, the new makeover is beautiful. It was so fun watching you on video too! You would be awesome hosting your own show!.

  4. Love the idea of adding two different pieces of molding. Not only does it look beautiful but it could save money if the existing piece is in good shape and just needs a boost with the addition of the second. Lovely job!


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