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Tips in Mixing Metals

I get asked pretty regularly if you can mix metals in a space?  My answer is 99.9% of the time a big fat whopping YES!  I look at metals as a neutral honestly, and mix them regularly.  I think that utilizing a variety of finishes adds depth to your space & provides a more collected look.  This is also helpful when you are pulling together a space from Big Box Stores.  If you mix up the finishes (even woods!!) you'll achieve a more sophisticated look.

To prove my point, I have tagged all of the different Metallics in our new Living Room.  Especially this first vignette....

And honestly, these aren't all of them!  I also have my vintage brass trunk in the space... along with a few other smaller accessories.

The key is to balance the metals throughout the space.  For example... the Antiqued Brass railheads on the Chesterfield Chair are a similar tone to the Nailhead Console that is on the opposite side of the room.

The same goes for mirrors... I have the Sunburst Mirror, the Mirrored Coffee Table & the standing Floor Mirrors.  These all work in the space because they are all different scales & on planes.  The Sunburst has a smaller mirrored surface allowing it to be more decorative & a touch of sparkle.  The Coffee Table is on a horizontal plane, so it actually reflects a lot of the black from the ceiling, giving it a luxe look.  Finally the Standing Floor Mirrors, while large in scale, are rather antiqued & a bit smoky... so by mixing them up in the same space, you again create a layered look vs a matching set.

Do you dare to mix?!!!

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  1. Nicely done. I have mixed metals in our family room.

  2. I'm all about mixing metals! You've done it nicely. Your living room is so fun!

  3. Yes ma'am I do...and I love seeing more pics of the room!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Great room! =)

  5. This is great, I’m working on my own bedroom renovation and would love for you to check it out on my blog:

    I also spoke to an interior designer about decorating/design tips which you can also check out here:

  6. Very well curated! Thanks for the tips on why these pieces work so well together!

  7. I love this post. Clients ask me this question all the time. Great examples! (and your home is perfection)

  8. Wonderful! I love mixing metals. It's amazing to see just how many metals you put together in one space!

  9. Mixing metals is my favorite thing ever. Always has been and it looks so great in your space.

  10. newly engaged and just moved in with the fiance after 10 years of dating! we are trying to make my design dreams come true while still saving for the wedding and i am so thrilled to have stumbled upon this little crafty girls dream come true blog! thank you in advance :) i have been looking for a cute but playful bedskirt, may i ask where your little lovely ruffle is from?

  11. I love the look of mixing metals! Great tips and you have a beautiful living room!

  12. I get this very question all the time as well, and I agree on your response Kristin!
    "a big fat whopping YES!"


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