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Brush Stroke Lamp

Knowing I could only keep a few key pieces in our new Living Room, I choose strategically.  A lot of items have moved elsewhere in the house, which has led to new room revamps... But I was positive our Society Social Bar Cart (that I got through Waiting on Martha's fab shop) would be staying as well as my dear friend Jana Bek's new Brushstroke Lamp.  I mean... this thing is a beauty!!!

I feel so privileged to be able to have made some real friendships with other creatives along this crazy blog journey & Jana Bek is definitely one of them.  I love how she has taken a project she created & had the power to go out & have her dream created for the masses.  Her lamps are all made in the USA from a form she had custom made from a vintage lamp.  Each piece is then hand painted, so no two are exactly alike.  They are literally works of art.

I love that the Fuchsia Lamp picks up the rich pinks in our new rug & helps to tie this corner of the living room together like never before.

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  1. Hi Kristin, I'm so happy your brushstroke lamp made the cut! This is literally the sweetest post, thank you so much for your consistent support & friendship, it means the world to me! XX jana

  2. What a beautiful lamp! I am coveting her blue brushstroke ones.

  3. I LOVE her lamps, looks so amazing in your new space!!!


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