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Tassel Decor

Global Decor is everywhere right now!  If you are looking to add a touch of this into your own home (or wardrobe!! That necklace is everything...), here are a few additions that won't break the bank!

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  1. So fun! I am all about anything with pom-poms or tassels right now. They just make me smile!

  2. I love these bright colors in most the tassels products you can find! My partner is a fan of neutral tassels but I love the brightly colored ones. It adds just enough of a pop of color!

  3. I adore that Furbish tassel garland. Who am I kidding...I adore it all! #gimmeallthetassels #andpompoms

  4. Hi Kris,
    Chanced upon yr blog while trawling the net to purchase the Starburst hardware pull to no avail.
    Sigh....Pulp Home does not ship to Singapore. And yes, I am residing in Singapore.
    I would need 6 pieces of it to refurb my son's bedroom wardrobe. It will definitely spruce up his room and bring a smile to his face.
    Wonder if you are kind enough to purchase on my behalf and help to courier to me by Fedex.
    Of course all associated cost will be forwarded in advance.
    Hope you can oblige.
    Thanking in advance.
    My email :

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