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Round Up: Circle Mirrors

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You all know I love a great Mirror... I have them everywhere in our home.  Recently I am really feeling simple oversized Circle Mirrors.  It's a fun, yet classic, way to bring a mirror into your space.  Whether in Sunburst Form or just a delicate frame, they really make a big statement!  

One of the mirrors in the round up above is on it's way to our house this very moment!  Can you guess which one?!  

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  1. I love the idea of a circle mirror, a fun change from the classic rectangle. That second image of the white bathroom is beautiful!
    xo Nan
    Simply Elegant Blog

  2. I just bought THE nicest circle mirror, and from Ikea no less! Totally, totally, obsessed with this trend!

  3. Thanks for including our project! The last one was my son's nursery as well. Great blog!

  4. I am loving the white with the rope detail!

  5. Hi Kristin! Is there a specific hairspray you would recommend? The one I used (vidal sassoon) seems to darken the chalk. Any suggestions?

  6. Love them all. Did you get the third one?

  7. I've always loved that last image, so many great things going on!

  8. love the graphic design of this post! and, great finds as well!

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  10. You can find crates like that at Michael's or JoAnn's too.


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