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DIY Tassel Drink Stirs

materials ||

Glittered Tape from the Craft Store
Strips of Tissue Paper

instructions ||

Cut your tissue paper into 2"x10" Strips & layer three sheets together.  I used multiple colors in mine.

Wrap the tissue strips around the end of your straw, extending the majority of the paper past the end.  

Attach the tissue with your Glittered Tape.

Take a sharp pair of scissors & insert them through your tissue paper tube & clip multiple slits until you create the full tassel you desire.

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  1. Such a cute idea! Love the colorful combination :)

  2. These are darling...genius idea!!

  3. Such a simple pretty little project to make happy hour even happier ;)

  4. Very cute! It just says party party :) Happy weekend! xoxo


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