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Foraged Flowers - Flower Arranging Made Easy

My favorite new trend is in floral decor.  Wildly gorgeous full floral arrangements, literally dripping with foliage.  You've all seen them around as of late.  And I even shared a How To link last week from Mandy | Waiting on Martha on Lindsey Coletta's work.  Lindsey shared some tips & tricks in the post that were truly helpful.

Knowing I have a few shoots & events of my own coming up, I decided to jump on board & tackle my first foraged arrangement.  I went into the yard, sharp scissors in hand & simply snipped off whatever I found to be attractive.  I would love to tell you exactly what I used... but I have no idea.  We inherited most of these plants.  I know there is some Azalea & Dogwood in there!  

My favorite tip is to use a wide mouthed vessel.  I used my MIL's silver ice bucket.  Which just so happens to be my favorite vase, well, ever.  The beauty of these arrangements is to pack them full of flowers & foliage to be able to create that lush look.

If I were to purchase this from a Florist, the price would be up there.  This beauty was completely found & free!  But, I think it looks like a million bucks.  How great would an arrangement like this be for your next hostess gift or Mother's Day!?!!!

I hope you all are having a fabulous week!!!

x o - Kristin

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  1. Kristin that is beautiful! Great job! I'm inspired.

  2. This absolutely does look like a million bucks, Kristin!! Gorgeous!

  3. Love the arrangement and especially the vessel you've chosen! Just stunning and not stuffy at all.
    I love using hosta leaves also in my arrangements if you have any in your yard.
    West of the Square Designs

  4. Your photography for these shots is stunning! What a great inheritance! ;)

  5. How did you attach the chandelier to the light fixture?

  6. These are beautiful! I recently did a blog post about how to take store-bought flowers into a stylish's so much easier than it may seem! I love the mix of flowers you used, and lucky you for inheriting such pretty flowers! :)

  7. This is beautiful. I'm trying to focus on that and not how jealous I am that you have flowers blooming in your backyard. We're at least a few weeks away from that here. I have a small collection of vintage silver dishes, and this is inspiring me to use some of them as vases... once our flowers bloom, of course.

  8. What a beautiful arrangement! I'm so inspired now to go prune and clip flowers and branches!

  9. Oh my gosh so beautiful! I love the mix of flowers that you used but especially those branches. impressed that you grabbed these all from your garden and then arranged them so perfectly..I always struggle to get an arrangement just right when I do it my self!
    xo Nan ~ Simply Elegant Blog


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