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DIY Succulent Planter // $100 Giveaway

I don't know about you all, but I buy candles not only for their wonderful scents but for their beautiful holders.  (And in the hopes they don't leave soot all over my living room...)  If it's between a little metal tin & a cut glass jar, I am going with the one in the cut glass jar.  I suppose this is because I know that a candle's life is sadly fleeting & I know that after the last flame has been blown out I can continue to use the pretty package as a gorgeous pencil holder, a great cup for displaying my favorite stainless steel straws or in this case a lovely little planter.  

First things first... Removing the wax.  After your candle has melted, take a knife & score the bottom of the wax down to the base of your candle holder.  Then fill the vessel up with hot water & let sit.  A few minutes later your remaining wax & wick will float to the top.  Voila!

Rinse your newly candle free container with some warm sudsy water.  I like using Mr. Clean with Febreze as it is super concentrated & does most of the work for me.  Dry it out with some super absorbent Bounty Paper Towels & then you are ready to start planting.

As most of these containers have no holes in them, I recommend using a small layer of rocks in the bottom for drainage.  This will keep your soil from sitting directly in any water.  Luckily I had some extra rocks lying around as my daughter likes to collect them when we are playing outside.  Otherwise you can pick up a bag of gravel at the Home Depot for a few bucks.

Layer in your soil & add in your favorite succulents.  I like using Cactus Soil as it maintains a better moisture level for these little lovelies.  

They instantly add a little feeling of Spring to any interior & require very little maintenance.  I have my best luck when I ignore them & then lightly water when I think to myself "Oh the Succulents!" Same goes for my Fiddle Leaf Fig.  It's not a scientific method by any means, but it works for me.  If I over think them, I over water them.  And then they hate me! lol

While I adore Succulents... they aren's quite as fragrant as flowers.  And in our home, we could always use a little Spring Renewal, I like to use Febreze Air Effects to help breathe a new life into our home.

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For more ideas on how you can Bring In Spring, head over to!

x o - Kristin

// this is a Sponsored Post by Proctor & Gamble & the Home Depot.  I was compensated, but the opinions & images are my own. //

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  1. We just bought our first house and could so, so use this!!

  2. I'm excited about including some succulents in our home this spring! Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. So so pretty! I killed my last succulents :/ don't know how but I did

  4. I am in the middle of cleaning now. I could use some help. I love your succulent planter, it is fabulous.

  5. This is darling! Have been wanting to add some greenery to my home. Such a great idea.

  6. Perfect post! Not only do I have some random candle holders hanging around, but I have some succulents that need to be divided. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. This is perfect. I will show my daughter because she has a major green thumb. I try but my results never look like hers :)

  8. This would come in so handy! xo Kristin

  9. Great post for me to follow as I have an old glass sterilizer from a lab that I would like to
    re-purpose for succulent garden. Thank you.


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