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So Proud!!

As many of you know this was Kristin's entry for the East Coast Creative's Creating with the Stars for the Knockoff challenge.  Unfortunately we did not make it to the next round, but luckily, Kristin's parting gift is this amazing piece of hand built, from scratch cabinet.  I don't know... I think she made out pretty well.  Isn't this cabinet absolutely drop dead gorgeous?!!!  I have already told her I am placing an order for one in white or black of course

I could not be more proud of the time, effort & attention to detail that went into the planning, construction, styling & photography of this project.  All within five days... I mean.  Out of the park good.

It was a pleasure to help her through this whole experience & I know we will be staying in touch after it.  You can read all about her journey on her blog Bliss at Home.

Best of luck to all the competitors as they head into the next round.  I can't wait to see the results!!

x o - Kristin

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  1. beautiful cabinet and congratulations Kristin!

  2. I'm still in shock and can't believe it wasn't one of the pieces at the top of the list.

  3. This was my absolute favorite piece in the first round! I know we will be seeing more Of Kristin's talent, she is "out of the park good!"

  4. Oh, Kristin, you make me blush! Feeling the love :) This was the best experience and it was all fun for me. Wish we could have stayed in it longer because it would have been amazing :) xo K

  5. I loved the cabinet! When I saw it I couldn't even imagine how she tackled that one - I, also lost, I am jesse of the restoration timber table... It was a bittersweet moment, hard to lose - great to be included! Your cabinet came out fantastic, I can't wait to see your future projects.


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