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The Project That Never Was

So sad...

You all may remember this fab lantern I scored on eBay last year for roughly $14 including shipping.  We used it in our Patio makeover last Spring & had every intention of leaving it there.... but the weather last summer was so so so nasty.  Massive rain daily & crazy winds.  The winds were blowing this baby around, so we decided to pull it down & save it for the next project.  It also didn't help that the eBay description said it was ten pounds & in reality it is roughly twenty.  This baby is solid.

So it sat, in all of its gorgeous glory, awaiting the next project.  Well, I thought it would be perfect for Chloe's new room!!!!  Right?!  Totally made sense!  So I pulled out this amazing new line of paint by fellow Georgia Designer Kellie Smith.  We have some serious talent here people!  Kellie created Velvet Finishes out of her love of reinventing pieces, but not wanting to deal with all of the prep & finishing.  This genius line of paint has the most gorgeous shades of saturated colors (& perfect neutrals too) which I feel a lot of the specialty paint lines are missing.  I used the color Glamorous on our lantern.  Obviously. 

It also has a wax built into the paint, so there is no need to wax your piece after it is completed!  Say What?!?  She does recommend using their Protect product (which is a non-yellowing Polyurethane) if the piece will be getting a lot of wear... like a table top.  Other wise, you add your color & are good to go!  

Like the name suggests, the finish is velvety smooth with a slight sheen.  Not matte.  Not glossy.  And if you like the distressed look you can accomplish that too by simply sanding the edges where you'd like.

Kellie even has a link on her site with Recipes on how to get new shades by mixing the colors in the existing line.

So back to the pink lantern that was supposed to be perfect in C's new room.... well, it would have been perfect until we decided to cover over half of the french doors.  This fixture just would not provide enough light in that little space... so once again, it sits.  Now in it's glamorous beauty.  This is one of those pieces that I will hold onto until I have a place to use it!  Determined hoarder designer here.  

I also used this Velvet Finishes in Luxurious (the perfect black) on the bases of my old nesting tables. I used it directly over metallic gold spray paint with no sanding or priming & it has held up really well!  PLus this photo helps to show the sheen you get.

So not every project I touch is a success... a lot are not.  But, luckily I have a new go to furniture paint in my bag of tricks!  Always good to have a full arsenal on the ready.

You'll be seeing more of the Luxurious Black in my latest room redo!  I have a table that is just calling for it.

x o - Kristin

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  1. Oh my gosh, that is the perfect amount of soft sheen on those colors - and none of the associated physical abuse from the priming/waxing! Sign me up! That lantern is adorable, would go perfectly near my puppy's little nook :)

  2. Oh my gosh, that is the perfect amount of sheen and such vibrant colors... with none of physical abuse and torture of priming/waxing?? Sign me up! That lantern is so cute, would go perfectly next to my puppy's little nook :)

  3. Oh wow...that paint sounds amazing! I love the color options. i believe you will totally find a home for your's not hoarding, it's investing! :D

  4. I found a couple of cane-back dining chairs I want to paint. But because of the turned legs & other intricate details I thought spraying them would be the best option. Can your Velvet paint be sprayed? Can I get a smooth finish by just brushing the paint on my chairs?

  5. I love the colors available. Sorry about the lantern:-(

  6. Love the lantern! This paint looks awesome and beautiful colors. Loving "Glamorouos" ~ :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. This is such a good product to know about! When it comes to paint knowledge I'm the worst not to mention horrible with a can a spray paint! Your taste is stunning!


  8. I feel sure you will find the perfect spot for your lantern and love the new paint line...sounds great!!

  9. I have been wanting to try this, but I cannot figure out how to buy it?

  10. It is a little confusing. Follow this link:

    "Take Me Home 32" is the paint in the 32 oz jar & "Take Me Home 4" is sold in the 4 oz jar. Hope this helps!!

  11. Follow this link:

    Take me Home 32 is the link to the 32 oz jars
    Take me Home 4 is the link to the 4 oz jars

    Hope this helps!


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