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Project LIttle Lady: Dollhouse & Details

Chloe fell in love with her Grandmother's Dollhouse when we visited for Thanksgiving, so we knew we needed to incorporate one into her new room.  With no room to have a large one, we opted to build it into the fireplace.  And she has been playing with it ever since the day it was constructed.  Literally, it was just unpainted wood & she was already claiming bedrooms for her "Critters" as she calls them.

The walls were all covered in either wrapping paper, leftover wallpaper or decorative paper from Paper Source... I love that store!  And the majority of the furnishings & the uber cute dolls are from the Land of Nod.  The furniture was a gift from her Pop Pop (my dad) for Christmas.  A few decorative items like the door, fireplace & frames came from Hobby Lobby.  I printed the rugs off from Layla Grace & obviously had to add a little disco ball (a leftover Christmas ornament!)

These were obviously styled by me and no longer look like this & ironically enough C asked when I was taking the overall pictures of her room why I didn't style her dollhouse! I told her she had done such a good job we just left it.  (I may have tweaked a chair or two...)

The glittery pennant garland was created by cutting triangles from glittery scrap book paper on clearance at Michaels and gluing them to a thin strand of grosgrain.  Cheap & Cheerful!  

She is a musical kid... she asked for a Guitar last year for Christmas & the piano this year.  Her pink guitar was a steal on Amazon last year!  $12 with free shipping!!! Now it is around $35, but still a great price for an instrument she can play with & start to learn on.

The darling felt puppets are also from the Land of Nod & go with her doorway puppet theatre.  

Her new gold gumball machine was a 99 cent Goodwill find.

The glittery antlers are from my White Deerhead... he hasn't found a permanent home yet, so until then the antlers will reside in her room.

The Pink art was some melted crayon art I did with a crayon & a hair dryer.

This artwork is really about being resourceful!!! The "Well Hello" print was a postcard that came with my new Rivet & Sway glasses!!!!  It was too cute to throw away & thought it was a sweet addition to her space.  The striped ribbon print was a Kate Spade Desktop Wallpaper I printed years ago.

The basket & BlaBla dolls were more Goodwill finds.  We normally stay away from the stuffed animal section at Goodwill, but Chloe spotted these & they were like new!  We did give them a nice gentle wash as soon as we got home.  The Basket ended up being a game from the Land of Nod that we are in the process of recreating some parts for.

The "Hold your Horses" gold foil print is from the crazy talented Stephanie Creekmur.  The talent behind the "Hey Y'all" print I used earlier last year.  The print is a Portrait layout, but worked in the Ribba frame as a landscape really well.  She also has some of her southern sayings printed in different colors too now!

The bunny bust (which is also a vase.  adore!) was from Anthropologie. And the teeny tiny Bunny is supposed to be a nightlight from the Land of Nod.  However the battery barely makes it through one night.  So it's just decor now.

The silver baskets I have in the space were a great find at an Antique market around town.  They actually have mylar ribbons woven through the baskets.  Love them.

The urchin was my DIY version I made a few months back.  I put two little nails in the wall & just stuck it up there. 

Her necklace was a party favor from one of my most talented friends little girl's birthday party.  Everything that Joni from LayBabyLay touches is perfection in my book.  It also helped to inspire the color palette in here!

My favorite art piece in the room is the bunny art.

It was a mask from H&M kids.  It came in a pack of three for about $5.  I taped it to a piece of cardstock & slipped it into an Ikea frame.  I love framing unexpected items.

The final item in her room is her pink pouf, which came from Home Decorators Collection's new children's line.  It is filled with bean bag filling & is small enough that Chloe can move it around.  Something that happens regularly.  Bean the bunny enjoys sitting on the poof too.  As you can see here.

There is one more element in the room I have yet to clearly show, but that's because it is almost done!!!!!  Hopefully we'll get to it soon & I can share the details.

Thanks again for all of the sweet comments this week.  If there is anything I failed to mention, feel free to ask!  

x o - Kristin

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  1. Gorgeous! It's like the perfect combo of sweet and stylish. Love all the sparkle! :)

  2. So pretty and so stylish. Love everything about it and THAT BED...OMG!!!!

  3. Love everything Kristin! So many kid's rooms now are too sophisticated and old looking. I love how you made this chic, yet age appropriate! Making the glitter garland for my daughter's room ASAP! xo

  4. Love it all so much!! And honored that the little necklace made the wall.:) It's perfect! Now Vivi will want a room like Chloe's . . . ha! The bed is just divine, and I love how you have her clothes displayed!

  5. Thank you so much for the detailed descriptions. Your work in that dollhouse is perfection! The gold cuckoo clock and the disco ball are beyond creative. I also did not know that Home Decorators Collection had a children's line. I will have to check it out! Thanks for all the inspiration.
    jennifer @

  6. i wanted to see but photobucket's image says your bandwidth is reached and no images are showing. :( wanted to let you know!

  7. It's fixed!!! Gotta love technology. Geesh. Thanks Cassie!

  8. Her toy basket is still on backorder so she says it's not a "Vivi Room" yet lol. Thanks love!

  9. Chloe's room is too darn cute. The doll house in the fireplace is so cool I can't stand it. So excited to see whatever it is that you are working on!

  10. I LOVE it! In the fireplace? Well, I'll be danged. Genius.
    I used the same paper to cut "Love Has Come" for my Christmas-season collage wall.

  11. My favorite is the miniature fireplace with the stripes and mirrors. So cute!

  12. Too cute! :) Did I miss mention of the ampersand wall light? I think that's my favorite piece!

  13. Found it! I can't believe you MADE this!!!

  14. These pillows, also for H&M Kinds made me think of your little lady's room makeover: and

  15. Hi Kristin, Could you tell me the color/finish of that lovely black door? Beautiful room!

  16. The 3 books in the room. Where are those from? Sorry if I missed the source.

  17. The large one was from Barnes & Noble, the smaller versions were eBay I believe... They were gifts from her grandmother.

  18. They are Rustoleum Gloss Black. The oil based brush on paint smells so bad, but it's worth the stink.


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