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Top Posts of 2013

Holy 2013 Batman!  Wow.  This year has been full of ups & downs, but most of the ups were due to this blog and most of all you all!  Here are some of your favorite projects & posts from over the past year.  

Thanks to your product/monetary donations, support & a lot of creativity we were able to turn this sad linoleum & wood paneled room into a space that any young woman would like to call home.  You all loved the bedding, paint color (almost aqua) & the gold striped duct tape fridge the most!

Just for reference... this was the before!

This was definitely one of my easiest projects this year & I was blown away with how well they have held up.  You all will be seeing these again (and maybe some more) in the Spring & Summer posts.  And yes, there are already big talks & possible collaborations for a Spring Project! #alwaysplanning

The terracotta pots were just one of the many projects completed to redesign our patio this year.  Again, big thanks to the Home Depot for letting us play again in their Style Challenge!  

I think personally I was most pleased with this project as they replaced the worlds ugliest space ship flush mount light fixtures.  Sorry babe, I know you liked them.  For under $100 for both these really have up'ed the style factor in our tiny kitchen.

You all LOVED this one!  Like crazy loved!  So, thank you :) I do too...

I love my desk! And it might be on the move in the new year... but all pieces will stay together.

I feel I improve every time I pick up my camera.  So these were just a few things that I have learned along this past two years of playing with my favorite tool.

Client Projects

You all also loved two of my clients projects this year.  And the best part is... they are friends!  So it's fun to be able to feature them together.

(this was also just named one of Babyletto's Best Nurseries of the Year!)

As you all know there are already a few projects in the works for 2014.  The first reveal will come next week!  Chloe's new room will be completed & up.  I can't wait to share this one.

I also have a few more collaborations in the works for early next year with some pretty major brands that I know you all love.

Thanks again for an amazing year here at the Hunted Interior. I hope you all have a great New Years Eve & I'll be sending you a cheers from the comfort of our new sofa!!  That's right.  The brown one is GONE!!!

x o - Kristin

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  1. What a year you've had! Congrats on all your hard work and I look forward to seeing all that 2014 will bring!

  2. Your blog was one of my favorites to follow in 2013! Thanks for always inspiring! Happy 2014! xo Kristin

  3. Hi. Just found your blog, can't even remember how now, but I love it. Love your style. As I'm going through the posts I find I'm missing a date when they were written and I feel slightly lost as to their place in a timeline when link jumping around. Just a thought. Love your work though.

  4. Thanks Anna! This is something my site designer is adding after the new year!

  5. What an awesome year Kristin! I always love your fresh take on diys and design, thanks for the inspiration! I'd forgotten about your flush mount light, it may be perfect for a re-do I'm planning. :)

  6. Can't wait to see your new couch. I know it wasn't your favorite but I was so impressed with how you rocked it anyways. Best of luck in the year to come, Kristin!

  7. You killed it in 2013 and I have no doubt that 2014 will be any different. I am so excited to see your new little lady's room! Congrats on a fabulous year and so many well wishes to a great 2014! xoxo!

  8. Agh so much gorgeousness and eye candy!! :) I love it all but the room service reveal is one of my faves of all time! :) Yay for 2014!!

  9. Your tree is so beautiful! I love its sparseness and the way
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    wonderful inside and out. The snow is so beautiful to look at but I'm sure not
    to live with! Hope you have a very merry Christmas! Inspiration

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  11. Would the alabaster mix well in a room where the doors are swiss coffee-I want a lighter tone that will mix well so I don't have to repaint all the existing trim :)

  12. Hi Lauren! We no longer have this table as it never really fit in our space (it was huge!) but I have replicated this technique on our new coffee table & it holds up really well.

    I have also done this on laminate counters like Danika with great success. Try the technique on a scrap piece of wood first if you are having reservations.

    Best of luck!

  13. Lovely blog post Kristin! And beautiful patio!!! The painted floor is so cool. We are thrilled you like the cushion bag! We have a ton of new products in the Ravenna collection, please give them a look when you can!

  14. Friend, you are good at your craft, that is for sure! I love each and every one of these projects. You can style the heck out of some photos, too! Can you tell I'm smitten?! xo

  15. I want more and more articles and blogs please post soon such informative information.

  16. Hi Kristin, we are leaning towards using Alabaster for our walls almost all of the way throughout our home and wondering what you would use for trim/doors? Do you think it would look ok to go with the standard trim white for that?

  17. I used the Alabaster everywhere. Just switched to semi gloss for the trim.

  18. thank you SO much for this...i know i want to paint my office white, and have been procrastinating on researching the decision. because, yes! white is so much trickier than you would think. so glad i found this post! :)

  19. What color would you paint bathroom cabinets if you used Alabaster on bathroom walls and trim (used semi gloss on trim as suggested)?

  20. I was wondering which Benjamin Moore white paint would be good for the walls in a basement apt that gets very little sunlight. My painter rec linen white but not sure it that would look dark and drab. I'm looking for a white that is creamy and earn yet not going to look dirty in a room with limited sunlight. Really want to brighten up the room. The carpeting is a light beige color. Any suggestions?


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