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The Colors of 2014

Pantone has once again released it's color forecast for the new year.  And no surprise that Dazzling Blue is the winner.  Royal blues have been popping up everywhere lately & I for one am thrilled to be seeing more of it.  Remember this post? The rest of the colors are fresh with some lovely neutrals thrown in.  Soft pastels meet vivd hues allowing the ability to play off of each other.  The forecasts don't always create a full color story, but I was inspired by this years picks to pull a room together including each of the hues.  The bedroom mood board below shows how mixing colors & patterns can still create a serene space instead of a rainbow explosion.

The lovely sand color & grey tones take over the main elements in the space.  Keeping your furniture neutral allows you to play in other arenas.  I simple adore the tonal values in the Cane Bed & feel the painted grey nightstand compliment it nicely.  Adding a teal pattern rug grounds the space & the color is repeated in the mirror & the scalloped sheeting details.  Using this color three times throughout the space allows your eye to relate the colors and achieving a cohesive look... without being matchy! The blue bordered bedding is mostly white bedding, giving you the hotel feel, but the addition of the blue really adds a punch of sophistication.  Repeating the shades of blue in an accent pillow again relates the look together.  The pops of color come from the purple accent pillow & the yellow lamp.  These all work with the blues & teals as they lie on either side of them on the color wheel.  And of course a punch of fresh florals always make a room feel alive.

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  1. Laura Stutzman House EnvyOctober 3, 2013 at 2:12 PM

    Love the blues! I feel like they go with everything and I love what you can do layering shades of blue. Teal and royal and everything between are all great colors!

    House Envy

  2. Julia @cuckoo4designOctober 3, 2013 at 4:46 PM

    I tried commenting from my phone earlier but couldn't :(
    Love the colors. That mirror is gorgeous.

  3. Love this! I'm dying to work on our bedroom, and am just trying to find the right bedding first. Thanks for some beautiful inspiration!

  4. ok, this makes me so happy! I'm currently redecorating our master bedroom (think I mentioned that already, sorry to sound like a skipping record) but this makes me happy because a few of these colours are in the colour palette that I've chosen and there have been a few times (if not more) that I've question my plans, this settles my nerves a tad!

  5. Grace from AStoriedStyle.comOctober 7, 2013 at 10:47 AM

    Kristin, I love you and your glitter! :) So excited to see what your striped glitter project is on your Instagram! Glad you're feeling better! xoxo, Grace

  6. Thanks Grace! xo

  7. It will be gorgeous I'm sure!


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