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Mad Plaid

A crispness is in the air & Fall seems to be finally upon us.  Time to pull out the boots, leggings & flannels!  Being a bit of a prep myself, I must admit... I love a good plaid.  And I love seeing them used in interiors as well.  Plaid can go bad pretty quick, but using this classic can add instant sophistication & warmth to any space.  My favorite uses for plaids are on the walls & the floors.  I think it's the less expected use & adds a modern twist.  

house beautiful

windsor smith

country living

Check back tomorrow to see how I added a little touch of plaid to our home for the cooler season.  It was crazy affordable too.

Are you Mad about Plaid too?!

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  1. That tiled floor is spectacular!

  2. Love plaid! That mosaic tile is amazing!


  3. cassie {hi sugarplum}October 10, 2013 at 1:12 PM

    I'm mad for anything and everything you do!!!!!!! So yes, I'm mad for plaid! Love that bench with the pink plaid #duh

  4. I am in agreement with you... a good plaid can make an outfit or interior look so good. I love the plaid tile in that bathroom, swoon-worthy in my book. That bed with the pup on it and the plaid throw is also so beautiful.

    Thanks for all the creativity and inspiration!
    - Jaime

  5. SO mad about plaid! Seriously it's perfect for fall. (and summer...and winter...) thanks so much for the WOM love doll xo @ Waiting on Martha

  6. Julia @cuckoo4designOctober 10, 2013 at 4:34 PM

    I'm so digging the plaid and am considering using it in my daughter's room makeover.

  7. That plaid tile is INSANE! Great roundup, lady.

  8. Laura Stutzman House EnvyOctober 10, 2013 at 9:36 PM

    Love it!! Erin just did a plaid post! I had no idea there were so many very cool examples of how to pull off plaid! I am loving all the chunky check patterns too. They can look pretty modern too!!

    House Envy

  9. Always been a fan of a little plaid :) Especially in the fall. xo Kristin


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