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How I Made my Brass Urchin...

A few of you have been inquiring about the Gold Urchin that pops up in pictures around here... I didn't share any tutorials on it as I don't like to share projects that I don't take my own spin on.  But y'all keep asking so I wanted to share the simple tutorial I followed from Craft and Couture.

>>> link here <<<

Hop on over to see the step by step instructions for this easy little project.  

Basically the main difference with this one, is that it is done with a small ball of baked clay vs something like a styrofoam ball.  I like that this gives it a little weight & substance.  This was an easy project that Chloe even helped me with.  These would be great for the Holidays as well!!

And if you are all like "Ain't nobody got time for that!!"  You can buy the originals here!

Also, head over to Creative Home to see why I choose a White Carpet for our living room & the new technology that allows it to stay clean.  (Plus they are on sale right now too...)

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  1. I was wondering if you made or bought that. It's a cool piece. Thanks for the source!

  2. Loving the balls! Been seeing them everywhere in stores and some of them being very very expensive! Love that there is a DIY out there! Thanks!

    House Envy

  3. He he - love that you included an 'Ain't nobody got time for that' link :)

  4. Such an awesome décor piece. Love that its a diy. Also, gotta say Im looooovin the new look of the blog.

  5. I made one using Sculpey clay. Easiest thing ever. Thanks for the inspiration.


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