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Quartz Crystal Jewelry Box

Crazy cute.  And I thought, this would be too easy to duplicate.
Plus I also recently picked up a little vintage box & already had some extra quartz crystals lying around...  Two minutes & some glue gun action later, I had this beauty.

done & done.  (you catching the little sneak peek I am throwing at ya?!)

This could easily be replicated with a craft store box & some paint or a little addition of some marbleized paper decoupaged on.  The crystals I had were left over from another project & I believe I had ordered them for next to nothing on eBay.  I received a two pound box of assorted crystals & I simply placed these loose pieces together like a puzzle.

Love. It.

I also found a new home for my new Mirrored Table with the killer Starburst Pulls.
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  1. So when I saw your teaser on IG I thought you had figured out a way to make crystal in like a minute using household items. I'm sort of relieved to find out you're not a sorceress. #stillhavemysuspicions... It's super cute and I love it!

  2. Is that a new rug I spy in the reflection???!

  3. Is that a new rug I spy in the reflection???!

  4. What a fun and easy DIY - I might even be able to handle this. Such a great idea!

    Luci’s Morsels – fashion. food. frivolity.

  5. Ok, so I'm guessing that's fabric in the reflection (I remember seeing it on IG) but I'm super excited to see what you've done with whatever it is!

    Love the crystal! Did you buy it to cover that mirror in your bedroom, because that thing is AMAZING and I've often wondered where you got it or if you DIYed it!

  6. I like yours better than the first one. Beautiful!
    Wish I had some quartz laying around :)

  7. Gifted is all I have to say, cause that's what you are ;)

  8. Looks like you're going magenta in a rug!! Can't wait to see it!!


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