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Blogoversary Bash - Hey Y'all

Today is the last day of Giveaways!  (for this week at least!)  And y'all have turned out each & every day.  They have been some pretty cool prizes if I do say so myself...  And today's is no different.  Remember when I did the Room Service Atlanta project & you all kinda blew up my email & social media accounts about a certain Southern Saying in fabulous Gold Foil?!

Well, now you can win one of your own!

Crazy talented & sweet as a peach Graphic Designer Stephanie Creekmur is behind this golden piece of southern charm & she has been gracious enough to share her southern "Hey Y'all" Gold Foil Print with our winner!  

If you love this one, you will also love her entire collection of Sweet Southern Charm.  So cute.  Here are a few of them...

If you are a Southerner like myself, these phrases are rooted in your blood.

Be sure to check out her new online store!!

I hope you all enjoyed this week of Giveaways! 
Thanks again for following along for the past two years. 

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  1. Love the give-away, I would love the Hey y'all for my daughter she says that all the time!
    Thanks and love your blog, it's a daily read!!! Your house is beautiful!!!
    Annette F Lewis

  2. This would be so cool to win :) I noticed she's out of my hometown, Nashville!!

  3. I am dying for that Hey Y'all print. Perfect for a Dallas girl living in Colorado :)

  4. Such and fun week, and Happy Birthday lady!

  5. Absolutely obsessed with this giveaway! I've wanted one of these for a while now so so excited

    Fingers crossed!

  6. Would love to win this. Thanks for a great week!!!

  7. Kristen,

    It's just the president of your fan club checking in. I wish you would post some amazing gold metal coffee tables....oh did. :)

    Happy day rock star!


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