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Hello Kitty Party

Gold Duct Tape Backdrop on White Fabric
Hello Kitty image blown up to poster size using a local copy center.  Attached using spray mount.

Homemade Vanilla Cupcakes are taken up a notch by baking them in pink & white polka dot baking cups & topping them with fondant Hello Kitty Toppers made by Top Cupcake

Using our new favorite kitchen appliance, we had a blast making homemade cotton candy 
(easier & less mess than you would think)!

The simple popcorn boxes were given an easy makeover by adding glitter bows I cut out of store bought invitations I found.  These could also be done by printing Hello Kitty Bows off on your printer at home.

Apparently Heart Balloons are difficult to find in July, so I ordered a dozen & had them inflated at our local market.

Hello Kitty Pies were made from pre made pie dough & cut with a Hello Kitty Cookie Cutter.  We added Lemon Pie Filling in the middle & crimped the edges before baking.

The cute food cards were from provided by Rebekah at A Blissful Nest.  She also created these adorable invites...

With a menu heavy on the sweets... we did make some mini deep dish pizzas & yummy flatbreads for all of our guests (the adults appreciated these!).  

Who can say no to steak, goat cheese & a balsamic drizzle?!

The birthday girl celebrated in style in her custom made Open Back Ruffle Dress from All About the Glam.  I am a sucker for the ruffled bloomers.

The party hats were covered in a fun wrapping paper & then adorned with a Hello Kitty style bow.

My mother is always good for a grand party themed gift!  Remember last years? Well, this year she transformed a cardboard Lemonade Stand from Michaels into a Hello Kitty Sweet Shop.  This was done with a lot of creativity, glitter & of course pink duct tape.  

I added the tissue garland & the name banner that was also created by A Blissful Nest.

Happy Third Birthday Baby!

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  1. this is so good! i love all the little details and you did such a great job classing up a childhood favorite. :) i actually just posted about my daughter's first birthday we had a few weekends ago! also lots of pink mixed with an attempt to keep it stylish. :) thanks for sharing, kristin!

  2. Adorable! Need that steak, balsamic, goat cheese recipe, please! :) YUM!

  3. So sweet! I'm sure Chloe adored it!

    Where did you get the lemonade dispenser?

    1. I got it on clearance at Hobby Lobby. Total score!

  4. What an absolutely darling party!!! I'll bet your daughter and her friends were thrilled and no doubt you had fun creating. Your cup runneth over with talent, your Mom seems to have the genes too!
    Cathy @ Room Rx

  5. omg this is the cutest. my daughter would die for this!

    The Aestate

  6. Her outfit is so adorable! My daughter loves Hello Kitty too! And all the beautiful photos are amazing to look at!

  7. you are the best mom ever!!!!! Where do you get the energy-especially after all you did for Room Service! WOW!!

  8. This is so sweet and adorable! I totally want the recipe for the flatbread with the steak & balsamic drizzle! ummm yum!!!! Jesse @ Scout & Nimble

  9. too freakin' cute! you're making all the mammas out there jelly :P and you bet i'm taking notes for my future!

  10. This is so freakin' cute! I wanna come to your parties! :)

  11. What an amazing party! You're such a great mama! Will you adopt me?!? ;)

  12. This is amazing. Your creativity is never-ending!!

  13. Hello Kitty is my girl! I. love. it!

  14. Stunning! Every little detail is gorgeous! Love the bits of duct tape! :)

  15. wow this turned out amazing! you did such a great job! now i want a hello kitty party for myself haha.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  16. Love it! So many great ideas and pretty touches. Great job Mamma! I know your little girl must have been in heaven!

  17. I loved Hello Kitty as a kid, honestly I still do! You did an amazing job pulling this together for your daughter. I can't get over how cute this is. Thanks a bunch for sharing. Happy Birthday to your sweet little one.

  18. Replies
    1. No. I'm sorry. It was made of cardboard & was fun while it lasted!


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