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Would You: Pink Walls

These has been a lot of house touring up in here this week!  Thanks to everyone who has stopped by & a big welcome to those that have stayed around a while. 

I have some big news that I shared via social media, but have yet to share here... I dropped the blogspot & am officially .  It only took a year and a half to get there (well almost two) but am feeling pretty good about the switch.

And between minor decor disasters that turned into big changes (more on that very soon) & my daughter being "that kid" in swim lessons... you know, the one that won't get in & screams... yeah... I've been a little, well, uninspired.  What better way than a little visual eye candy to get the creative juices flowing?!

I was completely inspired by my girl Cassie over at Hi Sugarplum when she took the plunge into the realm of pink walls (& a red ceiling check it)  She was able to create a space that feels sophisticated, not juvenile.

via Hi Sugarplum

Here are a few more spaces that were able to make pink feel chic not childlike.

Retro Pink Dining Room
via Matchbook Magazine

via Elle Decor

lost link... anyone?!

Living Etc via Cozamia

home of Betsy Johnson

via Suzanne Kasler

I think the best way to incorporate pinks onto your walls is to stay away from the saturated tones aka Pepto, incorporate wood tones & classically lined furnishings, and include rich textiles with various textures.

Would You add pink walls to your home?!

You can also find me over at Sadie & Stella today!  I am sharing one of my favorite spaces... 
with a look inside my drawers.

sadie + stella

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  1. Big fat yes to the unsaturated pink walls. Love Cassie's mirror too.
    And that brass chandelier in the second photo.
    LOL to your daughter's swimming lesson issues. I feel for you ;)

  2. I dig pink walls and wish I could go there in my house, but the boys and main man in my life would hate it! It's not worth the eye rolling from them. LOL P.S> Just love Cassie's dining room!! xo Kristin

  3. Big thumbs up to pink walls. It makes everyone looks dreamy and feels like a million bucks!

  4. I dropped the blogspot last week too! Exciting isn't it? Having your very own www? I think so!

    And I love the pink walls, but I'm pretty sure the hubs will never be convinced to do that in a main area of our house!

  5. I love pink with blue & white porcelain. I have a chocolate velvet couch in the living room and hoping to add that color combo as accents when the time comes to redecorate….would love pink walls but i'm afraid I would tire of it after awhile.

    Thanks for sharing all the eye candy.

  6. Love pink as an accent, but I don't think walls would fly in my house. Have you seen the pink over at Bijou and Boheme? Totally gorgeous!

  7. The first pink room I remember thinking really worked as an adult space was the one on Making it Lovely.

  8. Well I'm feeling pretty good about my pink walls now!!! I love, love, love them...and the guys in my family do too. It's not too in your face, and all the red, black and wood tones make the room warm and sophisticated...not fussy and girly. Well, a little girly...but that's okay. :)

    Thanks for the shout-out...your style and taste is immaculate, so I'm flattered you love my room!! xo

  9. Love it! My boyfriend would never let me paint the living room pink so I'll have to wait for a little addition to the family ;)

  10. I loved Cassie's room when I saw it! My husband wouldn't go for it, but I can certainly still admire and be inspired!!! And hang in there....the swim lessons will get better! :-)

  11. Pink rooms are wonderful. And I love that dining room! I've had a pink living room and a pink bedroom before. Loved them both.

  12. I think the "So Haute" living room is my favorite. I love the idea of a pink-walled bathroom or closet, but I love being married to my husband just a little bit more. Pink walls would lead to an all-out revolt.

  13. Well, I purchased a duplex years ago and painted the entire place a pale peachy pink. It was so soft...just gorgeous! White ceilings and white trim. Everyone thought I had lost it (I'm NOT a pink person!) but they loved it! I received compliments constantly. It was so easy to add other colors and textures to it.

    Good luck with the little one & swim lessons!

  14. Funny, I grew up in a house with light pink walls that were so warm in the evening. All these years later, I am now painting MY house pink. The more things change, the more they remain the same!!

  15. Its so lovely, but how do you get your hubbie on board????

  16. I love pink walls, but couldn't put them in my house ( yet) maybe someday!
    xo Nancy

  17. When I was lucky enough to get a job where I was able to work from home full time I decided I was going to put my own personal stamp on my office and painted the walls pink and accented with turquoise, white and black and I love it!

  18. I don't know how a person can help but be happy in a room with pink walls! I think they bring a sense of whimsy to any room! Here's a link to a post I wrote a while ago featuring a room I designed with pink-ish walls. It's actually a color called "Delightful" by Sherwin-Williams. The name says it all! Thanks so much for your continual inspiration and amazing projects!

  19. Love, love, love pink. Just redid my guest room in pink and green. Wish I had through of pink walls. So elegant. Susan @

  20. Girl, pink walls are amazing. I have my keeping room and kitchen painted Farrow and Ball's Calamine and it is my favorite color ever. Check it out on the blog.


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