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Tiny Bathroom Overhaul

This boring little bathroom certainly got a facelift.  Nearly all with items I had in & around my home already... (This entire room was a fantastic purge for us!) It obviously started off like the rest of the space.  Beige, Boring & Basic.  Fine, but no personality.

Going through my leftover Paint Cans, which I never throw away, I found a quarter of a gallon of a deep charcoal & half a gallon of white.  I knew this space was, well, tiny & this would be plenty of paint.  I decided to break up the space with charcoal at the top & white at the bottom to bring the room down a bit.  The ceilings felt really high in here in such a small space.  I think it did the trick.  Plus, I am obsessed with black walls.

Once that was done I tackled the floor with some Porch & Floor Paint a la Miss Mandi from Vintage Revivals.  I first primed the entire floor & then taped it off.  Best part was, the existing tiles allowed for me to simply follow the tile lines.  No measuring or levels required!  Bonus.  I painted the white stripes first & then after drying went back with the black.  I followed Mandi's easy Tutorial & got some great results! I love how the stripes look coming off the wood floors.

See that giant hole in the wall?  The rusted out dinky medicine cabinet had to go.  It looked like a little postage stamp on the wall.  Needing something tall & narrow, I was stuck.  I couldn't find anything!  Then I remembered this brilliant idea from Jenny over at Little Green Notebook to cut down an existing frame to the exact dimensions needed.

I took an $8 as is frame I picked up at Michael's last year that was the right height, but too wide & went at it with the Miter Saw.  Minutes later I had a frame that was the perfect size... I glued & stapled it together & gave it a coat of gold spray paint to brighten it up a bit.  Now for the mirror.

I went to our local hardware store with a $5 mirror from Goodwill that was larger than the frame I was intending on using.  They told me there were no guarantees that it wouldn't break... I said go for it.  Luckily, no seven years of bad luck for me!  The mirror fit perfectly!  After gluing it in using some Mirror Adhesive we had leftover I had a completely custom mirror for $13!

Hampton Bay 1-Light Outdoor Zinc Wall Lantern
It comes in three separate sections so I gave the top & bottom sections a coat of white spray paint & the collar got a coat of gold.  Spraying the interior of the "cone" white allowed the light to reflect better & appear brighter.

I added a closeout shelf from Home Depot for an extra landing space for bathroom "stuff".  We all have "stuff".  And I added a row of black pom pom trim to a pair of Stall Width Shower Curtains I already had.  I was planning on using them at our house, but they were too white for our space.  (Yes, there are two Curtain Panels in this space, but it was just too tight of a space to get a picture!  The entire room is only 250 sq. feet!)

The butterfly was picked up at a thrift store for $0.99 & the art was given to me by a friend... sorry... no source.

A few questions that have been asked this week:

Where are the Curtains From?!

They are leftover from a Restaurant Project we did a few years back... custom drapery that just so happened to fit perfectly in this space... I didn't care if they matched.  They were FREE! Luckily, they did work into the design.

Where is that Gold Cabinet From?

It was thrown in when I bought our Dining Table at a closeout store years ago.  It has been about five colors & has moved around our house, but never found a home.  Luckily it worked perfect here!  (& of course I had to add a little disco ball!)

Thank you all for the overwhelming support with this project!  It was a blast to do & so thankful I was able to help this worthy cause.  Room Service Atlanta was a truly amazing experience!  

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  1. Awesome job! I love how it is still bright and open but the touches of black gives the perfect amount of contrast!

  2. I love the transformation!!! The bathroom is stunning now.

  3. Fantastic! Love the striped floor and pops of hot pink! so great!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    xo Nancy

  4. Genius ideas for the bathroom. I'm about to use that same sconce, great idea about painting the inside of it!

  5. I LOVE black walls! The black, white, gold and pops of pink look dynamite. You are amazing with creating and using whatever! I can only imagine how happy a young lady will be to have this gorgeous bath.

    P.S. How did you attach the pom pom trim on the shower curtain?

  6. Wow, just wow! I love the striped floor and the sconce transformation. So many great ideas in such a tiny space!

  7. I am totally obsessed with your room makeover especially this bathroom! It has inspired me for my house. Keep it up with your amazing creations, they are fantastic!

  8. You did an amazing job on this entire project! It's so gorgeous! You really put your heart and talent into this and it shows. Thanks for sharing!

  9. You did an amazing job on this entire project! It's so gorgeous! You really put your heart and talent into this and it shows. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Looks great, but i wouldn't keep my toothbrush above the toilet!

  11. THis whole space just blows me away. You have such an incredible talent for being able to vision a beautiful space and bring it to life!

  12. Your design ideas are wonderful and the bathroom is perfect. I so enjoy seeing how something so drab can be changed into a beautiful place. I take away so many ideas from this post.

  13. I really love this. I have a black bathroom w/gray marble and love it. More people should try black.

  14. I love what you did with the mirror "situation!" And that gold cabinet is to die for. You always amaze.

  15. Love the striped floor. I really want to paint the floor in our foyer! xo Kristin

  16. Can I ask what gold paint you used on the cabinet? I've been thinking of painting our guest room dresser gold, but have been stumped on which product/shade to use. That cabinet is the exact shade and luster I'm looking for - gorgeous!

  17. Did you paint your tile on the wall? I have pink but, I'm ready to paint? Please advise, not allot of DIY on painting tiles!


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