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Mother's Day Gift Guide

The lovely Kimber from House of Pemberley donated one of these for the Room Service Atlanta Project & I am officially obsessed.  Knowing it has to leave our house in a week is already making me crave at least one for our own home.  A pair would be even better!

Illume Candles are by far my absolute favorite candles.  All of the scents are so luxurious & they last forever.  Every mom needs a little lovely in her life right?

This little bangle is quite appropriate for Mother's Day as my little one instantly had me struck by Cupid's arrow.  This would be a constant reminder...

I must admit, I am a scent snob.  A can't handle a lot of florals, but all of the LaVanila scents have just the right notes of vanilla & something.  Nothing to overpowering, but enough to make a mom feel special.  It is my go to!

What mom on the go doesn't need a great bag?  This navy & white striped bag is perfect for those warm summer days.  It can easily go from Play Date to Client Consult.

Let's face it, Mom just needs to be reminded of this every once in a while.  And at $7... this gold foil print is the perfect reminder.

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  1. I can't seem to locate the pillow in her shop for link one.

    1. She made it custom Julianne. You can try emailing her for a custom inquiry as well.

    2. Hi Julianne,

      I'd love to make you an orangerie pillow! Shoot me an email and lets discuss!


  2. Ha -- so many of us ran gift guides all your choices. and i have and love that arrow bracelet!

  3. I'm totally obsessed with the LaVanilla. I get asked all the time what I smell like

  4. I LOVE love love that gold bangle!!! All your picks are awesome!!


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