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Black & White Brush Stroke Art

I have been a fan of abstract, brush stroke art since all of my Art History courses in college.  The black & white variety inspired by artist Franz Kline have literally been popping up everywhere over the past few years & I simply can't get enough.

Franz Kline. Le Gros. 1961
Franz Kline "Le Gros" 1961
Franz Kline. Chief. 1950
Franz Kline "Chief" 1950
Franz Kline. Untitled (Study for Mahoning II). 1960
Franz Kline "Untitled" 1960
The graphic nature of these Abstract Paintings can easily lend themselves towards any decor.  They are chic, classic & will always be a great addition to any art collection.  I love the use of the bold painting against this turquoise wall.  It is a standout piece, but still acts as a great backdrop allowing the decorative items to show through.

Hallway - A piece of black-and-white art above a white console
image via Lonny
I decided it was time to jump on the 60 year old trend & got out my paintbrush.  I have mentioned we were recently given a huge lot of antiques.  This included furniture, lamps & some artwork.  The artwork was not anything we were truly in love with (or otherwise valuable) but I did fall in love with one of the frames!  It contained a painting on canvas that had been damaged.  I simply taped off the frame, primed the original surface (which provided a great texture for my new painting) & started getting artsy!  The great thing about abstract art is you can't do anything wrong.  Make it as simple or complex as you wish.  And if you don't like it... simply paint over it & start again.  I find it relaxing.

I started with this image as my inspiration... It's always good to start with an image if you are feeling stuck.

And this is my attempt... and I must say I am quite pleased with the graphic outcome.

I was planning to use this for our bedroom vertically, but after placing the artwork on top of our green chest, it hasn't moved.  It appears to be quite content in it's new home.

And the great news for those of you rolling your eye's while reading this thinking "yeah right!? Like I can paint that!" (you really can) Similar inspired prints are now available at West Elm!  No need to get out your artist's brush & beret, just your wallet.  But the investment isn't that bad, they run from $69.99 to $124.99... but mine was free... you might want to try it first!

Abstract Black + White Wall Art

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  1. Love love it! It looks great on top of that dresser. I attempted some of my own abstract art last year, and although the room has changed drastically, the art has stayed!

  2. Your modern abstract masterpiece works so well with your "legacy" gorgeous frame. Call me inspired, I'd like to give this a try. I have an acrylic canvas that I'd use to repaint. When you primed your canvas did you use gesso or did you just use standard wall primer? Curious too about the type of paint you used cause you got some nice effects and it doesn't look solid opaque like wall paint ... artist oils, acrylics, or other? Thanks, Robin

    1. It's all leftover latex wall paint... Just using what I have :)

  3. Black and white wall paint on old canvas turned out that beautiful?! Definitely giving it a try! Thanks for the inspiration, Kristin. :)

  4. I love this! I have been thinking about what kind of art I could d.i.y to start filling my walls- this is on the list!


  5. I totally love it! So full of impact! xo Kristin

  6. Love it! I know I can do this ~ and it's great therapy to paint, IMHO. :) Thanks so much for sharing! You did a great job and it looks awesome on the green chest.


  7. I'm the biggest fan of black and white prints...yours is amazing!!

  8. Wow! That turned out great! I've been thinking about trying my hand at some abstract art lately. I was never a huge fan until recently I've started to fall in love with it. Love the black and white!

  9. It's super awesome. I instantly thought of the West Elm one that Orlando had in his latest home tour on emily henderson's blog. Heck, yours is just as awesome and free? Can't beat that!

  10. your diy version looks awesome! I love that you framed it in a more traditional frame.

  11. Love it so much! So pretty. I just did some colorful ones on the blog today too but I should have never looked at yours LOL. Now I want the black and white ;)

  12. You are so dang talented!! Looks great :)

  13. Oooo Kristin, this is great! I'm an absolutely terrible artist, as in stick figures give me trouble, but I'd like to give this a go. I wonder what it would look like in shades of pink over an offwhite canvas?

  14. I have been wanting to try this too!! I love how yours turned out!

  15. Hey Kristen! I just did a trends post about abstract brush strokes and just had to include this in my round up. Your art turned out great! You've inspired me to give it a try!

  16. This... was AWESOME! Thanks so much for the inspiration. We tried it out one sunday night, and loved it so much we made 4 to frame our fireplace. I posted about it & sent my readers here for the full scoop. Thanks so much!


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