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Roller Shades: DIY Options

Working on the Room Service Project I am having to pinch pennies at every corner, & while I would love some custom window treatments or woven blinds, that just doesn't fit the budget.  Luckily I already had some drapery panels leftover from a project, so now my task is replacing the very tired plastic mini blinds.

For the cost savings & the literal blank canvas they provide, I am thinking roller shades.  Now time to decide how I will liven them up... Here are a few easy DIY's I have come across in my research.

via The Nesting Game
So simple, but this pom pom trim really adds a special touch to these plain white roller shades.  Loving the pink of course.

via What the Vita
The ever popular applied ribbon treatment is always an option...

via Southern Living
I like the idea of applying a vinyl decal, who would have guessed that's what this was?!?

via Emily A. Clark
Emily applied a layer of fabric on top of her roller shade.  This look could also be accomplished with some paint... this may be a winner.  You know I have an affinity towards anything striped!

& while this is not applicable to the Room Service Room, how genius is this?!?  No room for a playhouse?  Create one that is easily rolled back up after playtime.  LOVE!  (I couldn't find a real link to this anywhere.  Anyone know?)

These are just a few of the ideas flooding my mind right now... Does anyone else have any links or options they'd like to throw in the pot?


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  1. We've got roller shades in our rental and I've been trying to brainstorm ways to jazz them up (in a non-permanent way!). These ideas are great - I'll have to do something similar!

  2. Hi Kristin

    Recently stumbled upon your blog. Can't wait to see the Room Service Project reveal. Found a few links to the dining table playhouse. It belongs to Kathleen Hacket and Stephen Antonson, authors of "Home From the Hardware Store" (book link - Links:,,

    Found them via Google Chrome image search.

    Your blog is very nice, keep up the good work!

    Anna, Sydney

  3. I love this ribbon so crafty with the vinyl. And I love the table design for home play that's look great.

  4. I'd worry about covering it with fabric if it will be rolled up and down every day.. Not sure it would hold up but i do love the ribbon and pom pom additions...

  5. The last one, with the roller shades making a sort of fort under the dining table for the kidlets, is from "Home From the Hardware Store" by designer Stephen Antonson and his wife, Kathleen Hackett. Might be on a website somewhere; I just know I saw it in the book!

    BTW I'm gonna attempt your live-edge table as soon as the weather warms up here in MN. Love it!!!

  6. WOW! That's so smart! Btw, I love the stripes, too! And I would have never known that was a vinyl applique! Awesome ideas!

  7. This is an excellent round up! I'm definitely pinning this to file away for future use :) Hearing your plans makes me think of Jenny from LGN's project with her mini-blinds...using them as a template for making a custom roman shade. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  8. Love these ideas. I'm definitely on a tight budget (on mat leave) and wanting to do some updating. I'm thinking I could make some magic with a roller shade. Thank you. Great blog!


  9. I love the idea of adding a vinyl to a roller blind - that could make the blind completely unique. You could have so much fun doing that to children's blinds too.


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