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Chandeliers in the Bedroom & a WINNER

Living in the south, it is almost a necessity to have the dreaded ceiling fan in the bedroom... especially in my home.  So while I dream of having some glamorous Chandelier in my space (it really would look amazing), it will remain simply that, a dream.  But since I have free reign for the Room Service Atlanta Project I went for it!  I mean, what girl doesn't appreciate a little sparkle in a space.  

Thanks to all the donations I was able to splurge just a little (this is a really budget friendly chandy) to make this space extra special.  I found it on eBay & was completely thrilled with the Customer Service after a few of the pieces arrived broken.  Within a few days all of the parts were replaced.  I am so glad I decided to assemble it before we got to the space... otherwise I would have been in panic mode for sure.  After all the painting is done (there is soooo much painting!) this pretty lady will be installed.  So much better than a plastic fluorescent box right?!

To confirm my vision, I found a few inspiration shots.  Like I really needed confirmation to add crystals!

via HomeEdit
via With A CH
via House & Home
via Tracery Interiors

via ELLE Decor

Now all these rooms are pretty neutral (mine on the other hand is NOT!) I still think a punch of crystal works in any space.  Can't wait to get it up!

Now onto the pressing matter at hand... did you win the Schumacher Pillow Giveaway from California Livin Home?!?!

Well if your Janna from Swoon Interiors you did!!!

Congrats Janna!  You already have an email in your inbox waiting for you.

Also, check out a little tutorial from the Patio Project (that will be revealed so so soon!) 
that's over at The Handmade Home!

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  1. Darn it, but congrats Janna!
    I love the chandelier and I have the same on hanging in our bedroom. I agree that every girl could use one!

  2. I can't wait to see your Room Service room! I love the juxtaposition of a crystal chandy with simple, more organic textures - like that 4th inspiration shot. Love!

  3. I have a tiny chandelier like that that came with our 100+ year old house. My hubby has tried a few times to get rid of it, but I'm determined to find a place for it when we're done renovating!
    Thanks for the fun giveaway and totally making my day! Can't wait to receive my new pillows!

  4. Lucky Janna! I have to say having a chandy in the bedroom is a great thing to see when you wake up in the morning. I live in Illinois so we pitched the ceiling fan ;) xo Kristin

  5. I'd love a pretty chandelier in my bedroom too, but alas we need a ceiling fan so we don't com-bust in the warm summer months! I've been thinking of doing a swagged chandelier in lieu of a bedside lamp as my consolation prize.

  6. Thanks for your help, great work here....


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