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Antiquing at a Local Wonderland

I had the amazing opportunity this past weekend to attend a Blogger's Brunch at one of my favorite Antique & Interiors locations.  And fortunately for me it was not the location I normally go to... it got me out of my bubble.  We all need to do this from time to time right?!?  I drove into Alpharetta & attended this little soiree at Queen of Hearts Antiques & Interiors.  They all welcomed us with mimosas & swag bags... and quite honsetly they had me at mimosa.  After a brief introduction and a little history about their store & the three booming locations (Alpharetta, Buford & Marietta for you local folks)  We were set free with our cameras to shop before the store opened which really was a treat!  Look at some of the amazing items I found... get ready for picture overload!  I tried editing them down, but they were all soooo good.

While I am not a fan of the full blown taxidermy, these little mounted antlers would make the perfect addition to any gallery wall.

Love does not fully express my feelings towards this mid century pendant.  
I could design an entire room around this fixture. 

In my opinion, anything mounted on a Lucite base is always a chic choice.
These were just a few of the options in this booth.

This hanging lantern would be gorgeous as is, but add a little hard-wiring & make this a light fixture over a kitchen table... STOP!  It would be amazing.

These literally stopped me in my tracks & took my breath away.  The picture does not do these beauties any justice. They are huge photographs back mounted on acrylic & need to be in my home now.  LOVE.

A great little conversation piece for a bookcase or entry console...

Having an interior architecture background I have a slight obsession with old corbels.  Simply placed on a shelf as art, or incorporated into a bar or island these would make a major impact.

I could have moved into this next booth.  I loved everything from the gold table & preserved boxwood...

this little Lucite & metal box.... 

the crystal artwork...

the geometric fretwork on this mirrored cube... yes there is more...

the pineapple lamps with the pink lined black shades.... 

and of course the vintage Hermes waste basket.... swoon.  I have never been more infatuated with a waste basket.  I couldn't even call it a trash can.  So good right?!

This trunk would make a fantastic coffee table or bed bench.

And everyone is loving these industrial lights at the moment... (they had the green too.)

An unintended selfie occurred as I tried to capture the depth of the colors painted onto this ornate mirror.

every home needs a chic little bar cart.  And for under $100 this one was a steal... I think.

Tortoise shells are still going strong in the land of interiors.  A pair of these on a console table or buffet would be quite the statement!

This little trunk was shelf or table sized, but I loved the detail (& the price!)

The details on these books were stunning!

And completely unexpected, I kinda fell in love with this mounted riders cap.  Equestrian chic I think.

Also, they carry Annie Sloan Chalk Paint & Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint!  So good to know.

Be sure to visit the Queen of Hearts if you are in the area.  Also, stay up to date with their new offerings via Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest... I know I am!  I'll be sharing my little scores very soon...

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  1. all that stuff in one shop...a dream! thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this place and so glad they have one close to my house :)

  3. I can't get ENOUGH of Queen of Hearts! My mom is applying to open a booth there, so I think I'll have to start visiting her at every day :) I know she won't actually be there, but whatev. I'll just "check on her stuff". :)

  4. Love it! Thanks for sharing the beauties!
    House on the Way

  5. Amazing finds! Oh, it looks like I could live in those shops.

    A word about those corbels: they look to be just shy of 2' long - how would you work that into a bar? Using it to support the bar surface might mean they aren't shown off to great affect. As a support at the opening for the back bar? Hmm... that might do the trick. Or am I being too literal - being an architect, I tend to see them as originally intended - as supports for lighter roofs & trellises.

  6. So far from Texas I love it all thank you for sharing.

  7. I've been trying to figure out a trash can (I actually like...) for my bedroom. Now I know. How many millions was it?

    1. Around $250 I believe... but isn't it grand :)

  8. Thank you so much for introducing me to Queen of Hearts Antiques and Interiors - though I live in Canada. I adore many of the things you took photos of (love the horse pictures!) Can't wait to see what you scored and how your incorporate it!

    Btw - wanted to let you know that I featured your fun reupholstered chair with contrast piping in my weekly DIY blogpost: I love the colours and also loved that you included more reupholstering info in that blog post.

    Thanks for giving us the courage to tackle things like this!

  9. Love it. Just LOVE. So many treasures and ideas!

  10. WOW! That place looks amazing!! xo Kristin

  11. It is absolutely amazing to me how different things can look through someone else's camera! You saw things, whole booths even, that I didn't even notice! You've got a great eye! I love your finds and I really enjoyed meeting you there!

  12. How fun! So sad that I couldn't make it to this get together! I live really close to this store so I'll have to check it out soon. I NEED that little gold table!

    -Erin @ DIY on the Cheap

  13. Ah. What a place! I think the amethyst artwork and the trunk/bench were my favorites! I just saved this place- which is the closest to Atlanta?

    I'll be going to Haven and would love a list of great, affordable places to hunt during any free time I have. I already have the restores marked down on my list but would LOVE a list of the best places to go- I'm sure all the other haven ladies wouldn't mind a post about it either... no pressure or anything ;)

  14. I was there on saturday and LOVED the horse photographs. So sad that they were sold. Funny that you posted about them. They were pretty pricey but I bet you could come up with a good DIY alternative!

  15. Now THIS is what I call a treasure hunt! Those pictures of the horses literally took my breath away. They were so beautiful The pineapple lamps were amazing too. Thanks so much for sharing.

  16. The horses stopped me in my tracks when I was there too! I've been obsessing over them! When I was there they already had a sold sign on them....not that I could have afforded the price.

    I've been pricing out options to make my own. I have to have them!!!



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