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Chic Easter Inspirations

This week has been nuts!  I haven't even had time to consider the fact that Easter is this weekend.  I best be off to fill a basket if the Easter Bunny wants to make a stop at our house.  At least the patio is DONE!  That's right.  It is completed, pictures taken & post written.  Unfortunately, ya'll are going to have to wait a few more weeks to see it.  It's good though.  Like really good.  Just sayin.

Since I have lost track of all sense of time, here is a collection of ways to celebrate Easter on the chic!

Photos by Lindsey Orton
via Small Fry
How gorgeous is this buffet?!  I love the casualness of it, yet it still has a sophisticated appeal.

via Scout
This simple yet elegant tablescape incorporates natural elements, glass & textures.  I love the mixture of the natural brown eggs with the lightly colored variety. 

via Oh Happy Day
I know a certain little lady who would be so giddy to walk around in one of these Paper Sack Masks.  Easy & oh so cute.

via  The House that Lars Built
These mini Egg Terrariums are not your typical Easter Eggs... which is why I adore them.

via May Designs
If you are looking for Bunnies... then this is the tablesetting to go to!  I am loving the crocehet doily table runner mixed with the varying scales & shades of chevron.  The burlap bunny sack is perfect for a little gift & you know I love a succulent in an egg.  Remember last year's Easter Eggs?!

Darling Vintage Easter Brunch {+ Printables}

It isn't Easter at our home without an Easter Egg Hunt.  And these little guys take those cheap plastic eggs to the next level!  I've never been one for bunny figurines, but I may have to keep this idea in mind for future hunts.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter Weekend!  We will be sharing the weekend with family & of course a paint brush... no rest for "this girl".  Which is Chloe's new favorite phrase + two thumbs action.


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  1. Ha, you are such a tease, but regardless I can spot some real awesomeness in that first photo.
    And I've tried really hard to spy some hints on Instagram.
    Love those egg succulents too.
    Happy Easter and good Friday ;)

  2. Love your inspiration pics! And can't wait to see the deck!!!

  3. great round up! can't wait to see your backyard reveal!!

  4. Awhhh! I can't wait to see your Home Depot reveal! From what I can see it is going to be awesome! xo Kristin

  5. All the teaser photos! Good suspense, I can't wait to see the patio in all its Hunted-Interior-glory :) Happy Easter!

  6. Weeks??? No ~ sooner is better! :)

    Happy Easter!



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