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Thrift'd // Gold Alarm Clock

Sharing a little fun I found over the weekend... nothing jaw dropping or amazing, but I thought for $1 it had to be mine!

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I don't need an alarm clock as the littles is always there to make sure I am not sleeping in.  Most of the time she is the one snoozing past 9 if we are being honest.  Obviously the girl needs her sleep!

But who doesn't need a little glamorous accessory on their nightstand.  The digital versions just don't quite cut it on the "looks" department like the good old ones do.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

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  1. Agreed! I have one of these as well, digital is just a mood killer :D

  2. I made the same decision last year! I use my phone for my alarm and didn't like the light from digital. I found one at Ikea for about $5 - not as pretty as yours and black instead of gold, but they're perfect.

  3. I have a clock beside my bed and the battery in it has been dead for 5 years. Right around the time my first daughter was born. ;) But I can't get rid of it because I like a little bling by the bed.

  4. So pretty! One dollar?!? You are one world class thrifter, girl!

  5. What a great find, Kristin! I still have the white Sony "cube" alarm clock that I've had for almost 20 years! Ugh. Time to find something new! :)

  6. Would you mind sharing some of your favorite local shops? I promise I wont take all of the good stuff! Just always looking for a new spot!

  7. pretty find! a room can always use a little gold in it!


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