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Wood Walls // Not Paneling

I pinned the image below { because it is gorgeous! } 

I love this vertical barn board look on the wall.
 & had a reader ask me a question about it...

Kristin- I love this look too, but would love it if you could maybe do a blog post on tips to keep it from looking too much towards the old nasty paneling from the 70's. Sometimes a room just misses the mark and could use a little guidance!

Great Question!  

Wood plank walls are definitely back in style & I can see how this image can come to mind.

bad, bad wood paneling, This is the most used room in the house, and it would be used alot more if we didnt have to look at that wood paneling :-)  I really want to get rid of the paneling and not just paint over it.  Its viewable from the front door and its also the exit to our back yard.  Its alot to do & I have no idea where to start.  Any ideas??? help :-), Media Rooms Design 

Look Familiar?!?

Today's wood walls have texture & depth which were severely lacking in paneling of the past.  Plank walls with individual boards vs stock panels of "wood" also help to create a more sophisticated look.

Wood Walls today work best as accent walls.  
They can add interest to an otherwise boring area that create instant impact.

wood paneled wall

They also run the gamut of shades, tones & finishes...


love the wood walls
Alice Lane Home


Styled by Emily Henderson (my design idol!!!) Jonathan Adler Chair/Madeline Weinrib Rug. I like the shelves against the grey slatted wall.  The combination of the different woods looks unique.
Emily Henderson

Dark wood wall.
Design Like
Different installation patterns also create visual interest.

chevron wood wall

wood chevrons wall.
Lotta Agaton
They can still feel modern as well.  All depending on the wood that is used.

Wood Wall Paneling Styled by myrica bergqvist
Myrica Stylist
One of my favorite ways to achieve a multitude of the looks above is by simply installing wood flooring planks on the wall.  There are so many options available in today's market from Rustic to Sleek that you can find the look that you want. 


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  1. Great post I love all the images & the come back wood walls have made:)

  2. Ooh, that last one is my favorite. I love the idea of using flooring on the walls!

  3. Thanks Kristin! Love the examples! Now where can I find some wood....

  4. I love wood walls, even after growing up with nasty wood paneling. I really enjoy the wood wall in my home. It creates such depth and texture.

  5. There is definitely a difference and you really highlighted some specific ways that someone can keep the terror of the past from returning. ;-) Thanks for sharing!

  6. I stumbled upon your blog a couple of days ago and have been reading through it ever since. You have such a great sense of style and I love your down-to-earth approach to design for us mere mortals :) As a fellow designer, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to many more!

  7. I am such a fan of planked walls! We used tongue and groove panels in our bathroom remodel recently and I love it so much, I want to plank all our walls! Our 80's rectangular ranch has no personality of it's own so I am giving it some of mine ;)

    so glad to have found your beautiful blog via my buddy Karianne today :)


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