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Unexpected Valentines

Valentines Day is not really a day we "celebrate" per se.  With the hubs being in the restaurant industry, I'm lucky if I even see him on February 14th.  He's busy helping everyone else celebrate (remember that when you are dining out on holidays...)  

I do try to get creative when it comes to little ways to say an extra special "I Love You."  A few years ago I had our favorite Pizza delivered with the pepperonis arranged in a heart.  Yes... the guy on the phone laughed at me, but they did it anyway.

This year I was inspired by this little silver bowl I picked up at a thrift store for $1... 

Isn't it sweet?!?  & since I just switched out our bathroom mirror, I figured I'd create a little vignette to surprise my love in the morning when he woke up.  

Does he really appreciate the flowers?!?  

Probably not.  

The cranberry pomegranate soap?!?  


The thought that goes behind it... I'd like to think so.

There are more Valentines Ideas from me coming soon...  I'll be sure to share all the details.  


But for now hop on over to two of my favorite ladies Cleverly Inspired & Thistlewood Farm to see what creative ideas they came up with to celebrate L O V E.

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  1. I'm sure your simple & sweet message made his day!

  2. My husband always asks, "Did you do that just for your blog?" He always second guesses my motives when it comes to sweet gestures. ha!

  3. Love it. And the writing on the mirror is extra special... I might have to copy you :)


  4. What a great find for a dollar and the soap color love it!! How cute a pizza with the pepp. in the shape of a are so creative!!

  5. I have a very simalar (but all in glass AND FROM TIFFANY'S!!!!) bowl like that but, oh crap, where did I put it???? Don't you hate that, or, are you so organized that you can always find everything (in which case I will be very sad to have to stop reading your blog...insert chuckle). IF I ever find it I will blatently steal your idea for my kids and the pizza thing for the old guy.


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