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My Favorite White Paints

I was shocked at how many of you are all on board for white walls after my post the other day.  And the most asked question was what is your favorite white?!?  It's hard to believe that a white paint would be so hard to find.  White is White, right?!?  Unfortunately it's not.  As white reflects all colors, it easily takes on hues of all surrounding colors, making this hue a tricky one to master.  So if your selections look like a this... hopefully these tips will be able to help.

The first thing you need to know when going into the paint department is do you want a cool white or a warm white in your space?  

This example of a cool white space is more of what I think of as a true icy white.  Having undertones of blue & grey can literally make the room feel cold.  


In contrast, the room below is a great example of a warm white space.  Warm white is a much easier tone to live with.  It is more inviting & blends nicely with most other colors.


When designing a space I tend to lend more to the warmer side of the white spectrum for the overall wall color.  Cooler whites can then be layered into the space without making the space feel cold.

If you still can't tell if the swatch you are looking at is cool or warm, look further down the card to the darkest or more saturated shade.  If you see any hints of blue, you'll know your color is a cooler shade & vice a versa.

Here are a list of my Go To Whites... (in no particular order)

( If your curious... all of our white rooms are all Sherwin Williams Alabaster.  Including our trim.  )

What are your favorite whites?!?


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  1. Great post! When I was choosing white paints to paint the trim and millwork in our house, my husband was like - isn't white white? Ha! I love Behr Creamy White. My favorite though is Benjamin Moore Cloud White.

  2. Hi Kristin -

    I am Alabaster loving girl, too. I love it as it goes with creamier whites and bright white at the same time. I always buy it in the SW Cashmere line - provides the perfect paint finish - love when I open the can and stir it around. :)

  3. Loved your blog about white walls with so many fantastic interiors. While we did add color to the kids' room and office, all of the downstairs rooms and hallways are Benjamin Moore's Linen White - we did keep the trims, doors, and moldings a glossy white which freshens the look. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  4. Great list of whites. I just used white dove for a clients trim. Swiss coffee for kitchen cabinets. And SW steamed milk for the walls. It's lovely!

  5. Love your white choices! Our entire house (including trim) is painted in Dunn Edwards' Birch White. It's a warm white but it doesn't read beige or tan at all which is what I was afraid of!

  6. I was just considering going white in most of our house (except the gray in our main room) and trying to find my ideal white for the trim and casing. So far (and I hope I truly love these because they are already on our doors) I'm digging Benjamin Moore's decorators white and paper white. White Dove is up there on my list too.

  7. I just painted WHite Dove in BM and it looks nothing like the SW. interesting

  8. Oh my yes, finding the right white is so challenging! I've painted the built-ins in our living room Diving White by SW and I'm realling liking the color. It's warm without being yellow. BTW, I posted my new brass table today and gave your new trunk a little shout out!

  9. This is so helpful- thank you for sharing! We are painting our {new} place this weekend and my mind is a complete mush of paint color inspiration! Do you have any suggestions for a cozy deep gray that will go with the 'industrial chic' look and gold/burlap/beige accents? Thanks to you- I just may go with Alabaster White for all of the other rooms! :)
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks Amanda! My go to Gray is Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter. It is a true gray! If you want a little darker I would just go a few shades higher on that chip sheet.

      Good luck! K

    2. Thanks Kristin! Hitting the paint store tonight {eek!}

      Love your blog!

      p.s. you live in Atlanta? same!

  10. I recently painted our media room white. Sherwin Williams Mason Blanche. And I love it! It's on the warm side but not too much. My trim was a white with a lot of grey in it. So I needed a white with some umph to it. I just wish I could paint my living room this color but that would require painting nearly the whole house because of the open floor plan and 2 story foyer. Boo hoo!

  11. Valspar Churchill Hotel Lace. It is an antique white that perfectly fits our "new" 100+ year old building that we are turning into a restaurant. ~Dawn S


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