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Dreaming of our Patio Potential

So lets play "if I could do anything I wanted to my current deck it would be this!"... sounds fun right!?!  A little restricted dreaming.  Because lets face it, if I could really have my dream patio/deck it wouldn't look anything like our current situation!

I LOVE our table we built last year... I mean LOVE!! It was one of our favorite projects to date (& happens to be nominated for the Top DIY Project of 2012 by Not Just A Housewife!  You can vote here if you feel the urge!)

I also love the Panton Chairs out there.  They have held up great & are easy to wipe off when dirty... it's outside... it's going to happen.  So those bad boys are going no where!

So to the dreaming... I would kill for Diane Von Furstenberg's rug. It's graphic meets tribal & black which we all know I will always gravitate towards.  Plus how amazing would that look under our table?!?  (FYI... it is not really an outdoor rug...) I am thinking I could accomplish this in a DIY just like last year's stenciled rug. It is still holding up great, but for $20 I can switch the look up again this year.

Diane von Furstenberg on the terrace of her Manhattan headquarters, adore that rug!!!

The goal is to add a pergola over our existing deck this year.  After the umbrella debacle with the glass table we are thinking a more permanent structure would be the best option for us.

summer deck and pergola

With the pergola would come two necessary items.  Lighting & Privacy.  We are on an open corner lot & have zero privacy on the deck.  The option to pull a drapery panel or two while entertaining would be fantastic!

Restoration Hardware - more outdoor drapery ideas...

As far as the lighting goes, I could easily go for something like this mason jar grouping...

Mason jar lights... Maybe next year over our DIY live edge table ?

I'd also like to incorporate (in my dream remember...) a great upholstered sofa at the end of our deck.


Our Adirondack Chairs are fine... but for entertaining this would be ideal!

I also have an idea to incorporate a mirror out there...

Outdoor Reflection

I'm not dreaming TOO big.  But right now this is all a dream... We'll see what (if any of this) gets accomplished this Spring.  Do you all have any plans for your deck/patio this year?


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  1. Kristin, to achieve the outdoor couch on a budget you could get a slipcovered couch from Craigslist and waterproof the slipcover with a camping product. They have sprays and laundry additives to make fabric weather-proof. Just an idea!

  2. Congrats, on your table nomination Kristin! Voted! :) I've shared it with my talented diy neighbors, they wanted something similar. Yes, my deck is on the 2013 list...again! I'd be ver happy hanging out in your dream space!

  3. It was 5º here today. Spring and summer feel like a distant, distant dream right now! But your dream spaces are all fabulous and kind of warm me from the inside :)

  4. Keep your eyes on Joss and Main website for a rug. I just got a 8.5x11 graphic outdoor rug for $29. I still can't believe my good luck!

  5. Right now I have a very non-descript 20x10 concrete patio. It has weathered not so nicely. My goal is to tile it with either slate or PA Blue Stone. I would like to add a retractable awning..I need somewhere to stand out of the weather when I take the dog out. Currently on the patio, I have a dining table and four chairs with an umbrella. They are looking worn, but in fairly good shape. A friend is going to sell me a really nice sofa, two chairs and coffee table. I am debating on getting rid of the dining table and chairs since I rarely use them for their intended purpose. If I do decide to keep them, I will "add on" to the patio, but putting down some mulch and putting the new patio furniture out there. Not sure how much will get done this year tho!

  6. One of my favorite spaces is my outdoor areas!!! We are lucky and spend 3/4 of the year outside, except in the late summer, which is different from most parts of the country (it's just too darn hot in August!!). I have plans for new cushions, painting furniture, and a new buffet table. I hope your dreams turn into plan. I'm sure that whatever you do will be fabulous!!!

  7. I love the mirror, but I recall reading somewhere that they are not great for outside spaces because there may be a danger of the sun reflecting in the mirror and plants burning. Just a thought! All the ideas are beautiful! :)

    1. Exactly. That is why I haven't been able to incorporate it before. I think my new plan would be able to bypass those issues. :)

  8. I too get to enjoy my outdoor spaces frequently through out the year like Sabrina. The one thing I HAVE to do is either finish sewing some outdoor drapery panels or bite the bullet and have someone sew them for me. I bought an outdoor daybed from Target last summer and had the cushion reupholstered and added some beautiful pillows and neck rolls. The only thing left are the drapes that go around it. So it sure would be nice this year to have those drapes to go along with the new upholstery.

  9. Love your ideas! We have a really nice pergola and it has changed the way we host our dinner parties, you are going to love it! I went to Lowes and bought 6 canvas painters drop cloth for around $10 each, our pergola is around 10' tall and the length on the drop cloth is perfect! It adds softness to all the wood!

  10. We expanded our deck in 2012 so furnishing it is on the 2013 project list. My dream would include a table that could seat 12+. Since those can get pricey, I'm trying to convince Hubby building our own is the way to go...just not sure what type of chairs we would use. Glad that it is still only January and I've got time to design the space.

  11. These are definitely some dream decks and I would like to have any of them. We had an awful deck when we bought our house and wound up getting it completely rebuilt after about five years. Before that we just roped it off and pretended it wasn't there.


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