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Bedding: Pattern Love

The past few years have been all about the White Bedding, which I still love.  It's clean, it's crisp & can go with any style.  But after a few years of all white bedding & all the white beds I did during my hotel design days I am starting to crave some pattern (lots of pattern!)

This great mix of pattern is balanced by color & scale.  The balance comes from the use of the same over-scaled botanical on the headboard & duvet.  There are eight different patterns at work here but they all relate thanks to the overall color palette.

pattern pattern pattern

This may be a pattern overload for some (like the hubs) but the fresh mix of the geometric black & white mixed with the modern take of the tangerine & orchid toile take this room to the next level.  Opposites really do attract.

pink and orange

I adore the mix of patterns & textures that Gary Riggs Home was able to accomplish in the next bedroom.  The fresh take on chevron mixed with graphic suzani & geometric prints keeps your eye moving throughout the space. 

Great Mix of Patterns

Apparently I am not over chevrons after all because I am heavily gravitating toward this bedding.  Because here it is again.  This time is is brilliantly paired with Kelly Wearstler's Bengal Bazaar & the trellis sheeting.  Well done Miss Dayka Robinson!

bedding combo // Dayka Robinson Designs

I'm thinking this bedding might be a good transition away from the white bedding as you still get the clean look with the white background, but you still get the very graphic look.  {btw... it's available at West Elm & on sale now}

When going for the patterned look my biggest recommendation would be to avoid the 32 piece bed in a bag kit... you all know what I am talking about & we have all bought them.  But next time you are on the hunt feel free to mix things up.  Just like furniture, you don't have to buy the set!  Feel free to mix up the patterns & it's OK if everything doesn't match.  In fact, you will get a more layered look if it doesn't.  Just try to stay in the same tones.  Great trick for pattern mixing 101.

Love the colours and pattern of this bedding

& if you are still too timid to go all out with this look you can always just do a patterned sheet...  a little peek of a pattern can still make a big impact.  


( & Dayka Robinson Designs did it again!  In a polka dot no less. )

Adore the bedding

Is anyone else planning to be daring in the bedroom this year? With patterns that is... let's keep those comments clean :)

If you are looking for some more pattern mixing tips, here is one of the first posts I ever wrote... Florals, Stripes, Geometrics OH MY!


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  1. I like patterned bedding. Of course, I have yet to own a set of printed sheets but that would be a good starting point. I want to add something to our bed this year but I'm not sure what???

  2. I'm actually working on my bedroom this year! How perfect! I tend to gravitate towards a minimalist look, but I do love pattern! #4 catches my eye . . .

  3. Thanks for featuring my spaces, Kristin! Bedrooms are some of my favorite rooms to design & I love, love, LOVE playing with patterns. Great informational post on how to mix it up!


  4. I love pattern in bedding! I have a mix of white and patterned sheets for all the beds in my house. Bedrooms are where I like to have the most fun with color.

    Especially love the red and black and the yellow and grey bedrooms you featured here. And how GORGEOUS is that chandelier in the first photo??

  5. That last image is my favorite! xo Kristin

  6. Totally! We are waiting for the hubs to get a job and then moving....can't WAIT for the next fixer! So here's my Q: Colors for walls right now? There aren't many people I trust to ask, but you, I trust. I'm sort of over gray already....and I don't think I could handle another beige wall! I was going to go with a white/creme, but after reading the comments on the "ins and outs for 2013" post (from Kate) and ya'll, I'm not sure about that one either. I sell them after I fix them (usually a 2 yr turnover), so I need something "sell-able" (neutral). Maybe I could handle a really light grey? Seems like I've seen grey everywhere though....It can only have so much time left right? Any other suggestions that haven't been overdone? Thanks!

  7. It's funny, I have a patterned duvet that I have been thinking of replacing with a crisp white cover. That West Elm number might be the perfect compromise!

  8. I am going bold this year! Last year I made a headboard and covered it in white linen. It is about to be recovered in the gorgeous Dwell Vintage Blossom Fabric:

    I really love this Duvet though! Would the two be TOO much pattern? I'm sort of over the all white bed too!

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  10. That's exactly how I feel! As I changed out bedding for winter, for the first time ever I had the thought, White again? I think I'll try a large geometric pattern for spring. It's a great time to refresh the bedroom and try something new : ]

  11. Love that first photo! I want that headboard haha I have the West Elm chevron duvet and euro sham pillow covers and I L-O-V-E them! They're so soft and gorgeous :)

  12. Patterned bedding is my favorite!! I have a mix of paisleys going on in my bedroom. I love pattern mixing for some reason is it very comforting to me.

  13. oh my gosh i love that first one so much! wonder if i can change our bed to this and my bf won't notice? hmmm. love it!!

  14. I was really surprised at how good it felt looking at these photos. Thanks for the curation Kristin. And for opening up my brain to a creative concept. My bedroom is due for an overhaul and I have a beautiful black floral flocked fabric on linen for super cool head board design. But I honestly would not have thought of doing more pattern until I saw these photos.
    Again thanks. Keep doing what you do so well.

  15. I love that orange wall with the pink designs that match the pillows. Now that is cool.


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