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Bathroom Mini Makeover

Our tiny bathroom (the only one I might add) has always been the one room that has had little done to it.  It is classic.  Black White & Gray.  Just the way I like it.  The only upgrade I have been wanting to accomplish was a new mirror.  The one that we inherited with the house was of the match-y set variety & we all know I am more of an eclectic type gal.  Knowing that this has been nothing THAT important, we have lived with it for 6 years....

See, not entirely offensive.  I have kept my perfect mirror dimension as a note in my ohone for years & you would be surprised how difficult it has been to find something to fit.  Until the other day at Goodwill (the same day I found those silly vases.)  I found this bad boy.  I really bought it for that bevel.  This was originally an expensive custom mirror... the info was still on the back.

While I am a fan of gold, it wasn't really working in the space.  I pulled out my good ole Annie Sloan Pure White Chalk Paint & went to town.  Liking the contrast as I went along, I decided to keep the black insets.

Now the light fixture gets a little more breathing room.  Much better.

I also did an artwork switcheroo.  It's amazing how a mirror & two pictures completely change a tiny space.

As I was taking these pictures, someone woke up from her nap & wanted to help...

Apparently she is taking after her mama & wants to take her camera everywhere.  Love her.


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  1. This looks great! I love the new mirror and the black and white!!

  2. Gahhh! It looks like she's about to drop it in the toilet! :)

  3. The mirror looks awesome. I'm always changing the stuff in my frames, so you never know what you might see when you drop by!

  4. Awesome! I love the black and white mirror. How cute is she? Seriously!

  5. My daughter has the same camera :) And does the same thing...whips hers out every time she sees me using mine! Loving the new mirror, the carved detail is beautiful.

  6. Great find! I love your tiny bathroom, mine is too. Good things come in small packages, though it is hard to appreciate this when banging your elbow on the vanity while reaching for the loo paper ;)

  7. love this little update. believe me - my bathroom is even tinier and it could use a fancier mirror for sure!

  8. I love your bathroom where did you get your grey sink.

    1. It's a corian countertop with an integrated sink. It came with the house... Easy to clean though.


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