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Toddlers, Cookies & Sprinkles Oh My!

The other night our Elf, Trixie, set up a Cookie Decorating Party for Chloe & her two BFF's.  She's normally not this elaborate (or creative!  She's been kinda lazy this year.)  But we had a conversation & decided this would be really fun for the girls.  

After taping down some Kraft Paper, I simply drew a circle for each of the girls & put their names in it.  Trixie got one too... I then filled a bunch of plastic containers with all sorts of candy & sprinkles.  We had a lot left over from our Gingerbread House failure.  Did you catch that one on Instagram?!?  Nice huh!?!  

Once the girls got to the house & the cookies had been baked (Thanks for making the dough Val!) they got to dive in!  I was very impressed how meticulous each of them were.  

Chloe even went sprinkle by sprinkle!

The one year old wanted in on the action too.  

Chloe will be an Architect one day.  Without being instructed to do so, she added a little drop of icing in between each layer of mints to create her cookie/candy tower.  I applaud her creativity for taking the candy decorating to a vertical level :)

& of course we had to taste some of the creations...

The girls did a great job with their first go at Christmas Cookies!

Thanks Trixie for setting everything up!  

& thanks for letting me share a non decor family moment :)  These memories are what the holidays are all about.


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  1. Looks like a good time! What a cute set up too.

  2. Looks like so much fun. Love these little memories. I had a cake decorating birthday party for my four year old last week and the happiness on my daughter's face was worth all the mess and dried-frosting scrubbing afterwards!

  3. so stinking adorable!!! and how am I not following you on Instagram! following you now!

  4. You officially have the best handwriting ever!!

  5. We've been doing gingerbread house/train the last few years too, it's the perfect craft for little kids since it involves edibles :) I don't know what happened to your gingerbread house but a quick fix for broken pieces and walls that won't stay put is melting sugar in a pan and having a (responsible :)) adult glue the pieces and walls together. I just use a spoon to dab the melted sugar on and then stick the pieces together. It dries about as fast as hot glue. And the pieces are almost as good as new and certainly nothing a little frosting and candy decorating can't cover. Just thought I'd throw that in there in case it could be of help :)


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