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The Color of 2013: Emerald Green

Obviously I am an excellent color forecaster & pride myself on predicting the new trends in all things design. Or the truth might just be I really like this color & painted our chest of drawers emerald green months back because I thought it would look good.

Either way, trend or not, I am still in love with our Dresser & think that Pantone made a great choice making Emerald Green the color of 2013.

What color is Emerald Green?

emerald tones mixed in with an array of other tones of green, but see how well it sits next to teal blue

Emerald Green lives somewhere between Kelly Green & Hunter Green.  A true deep saturated green with slight blue undertones.  Perfectly shown in this Vintage Van Cleef cocktail ring.  

Vintage Van Cleef

Personally, I like incorporating Bright Greens with neutrals.  Greys, Blacks, Whites & of course Metallics all compliment this color.

emerald green + gold

& when used en masse, it becomes a neutral itself.

Even if you go over board, lots of emerald can still work!

Emerald green!

Incorporating this color into your home can be done in multiple ways.


emerald green


Design by Christina Murphy, featured in Trad Home


The green and white bench and pillow add great contrast to this bedroom.

Gorgeous Bedroom with a lost link...

The pic that started my obsession with black, white and emerald green...

Gorgeous Chair with a lost link... really?!?

Larvely green velvet sofa.

Interior Design by Bailey McCarthy


Moor Emerald Rug

Arabesque Emerald Rug


Are you excited about the Emerald Green Trend?  Any plans to incorporate it into your home next year?

You are about to read some shameless begging from a designer obsessed.  Please stop here if you do not want to hear groveling from your favorite blogger :)

***Update 12/31/12***
I have fallen behind on votes & the contest ends TONIGHT at midnight!!

I need all of your HELP to win this gorgeous trunk!!!

I have entered my blue mantel & need your help.  PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE!!
I'll stop my begging there.  I'm not ashamed to beg for this gorgeous piece of furniture.

All you have to do is click right >>>> HERE <<<< Like Emily Henderson & vote.

Link yours up too!  There will be a total of five winners all winning hand selected vintage pieces from Emily herself!  (That would actually be pretty amazing to be hand selected by EH herself...)

ok.  i'm done.  thank you.


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  1. I really hope you're right - I loooove emerald green! Gorgeous deep color!

    p.s. I voted :)

    xx Ashleigh

  2. I have been admiring your green chest for long time. It is so gorgeous. I included your picture in one of my posts... hope you don't mind!

    Love your blog! ;-)


  3. Oh how I love emerald green. Love, love, love. And that cocktail ring is seriously rocking!

  4. i am all over the green. it is my favorite colour decor and otherwise. i am happy to be right on trend right now.

  5. I am totally loving it too! Much more than Pantone colors in year's past. Your dresser is awesome. Meant to comment to tell you how much I love your Christmas decor. I've visited your blog several times oohing and ahhing over it all quite a few times in the last couple of weeks!

  6. I LOVE YOUR DRESSER!! If you don't mind sharing... what color and paint brand did you use????


    1. Thanks Anon... The color is a mix of a few, but the base was Rustoleum's Meadow Green Spray Paint.

  7. Any chance you could specify what colors you used? I'd really like to replicate with a dresser i found!



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