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Jingle Bell Placecards

This place cardholder could not be any easier.  & who doesn't need easy around this time of the year?!?  Does it even need an explanation?  I think ya'll can figure this one out :)  You could even print out the names to make it even easier!!!  Pretty cute & festive I think...

Plus, I'm completely in love with my new Tracy Reese Plates from Target.  They are a part of the Neiman Marcus collaboration & a complete score now that they are on sale for $19.99!  Any one else noticing that none of that stuff was selling?!?  I think they priced themselves a bit too much on the Neiman's side...

Tracy Reese Dessert Plates - Set of 4

I added a large oval mirror to the center of our Christmas Table this year.  After adding my silver candlesticks, some ornaments & some more bells the colors seemed to help tie the entire houses decorations together.

I love how the mirror make the bells look like they are floating.

I am going to swoon over these plates one more time...

After all the rest of the decorating this year, it was nice to literally throw this simple table together.

Do you go all out for the table? or are you keeping it simple this year?


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  1. I love the place clever! Also, the ornaments on the candle sticks look beautiful! (I also did that in my dining room this year). I just love the festive colors in your room. Now I totally need to check out Target again to see what's on sale. ;)


  2. Pretty! Your centerpiece looks fantastic! xo Kristin

  3. Love those place cards and your handwriting! Happy Holidays :)

  4. Fantastic! I try to keep my centerpiece simple, since I've got 3 (4) boys with grabby hands. I usually start with my silver platter, and an old pewter candlestick, and let it go from there.

    For Christmas, I scrunched up my granny's old red lace table runner, added a few glittery silver feathers, some of the old ornaments my mom gave to the boys (Vixen never looked so good!) and some pinecones we collected at the park. It's perfect, and not breakable, which is pretty essential in my house!

  5. We found you on Centsational Girl and loved your comment about pattern! Your table setting is gorgeous and those plates add a touch of glam. Can't wait to add more color and pattern to our lives in 2013 - thanks for the inspiration.
    C + C
    The Buzz Blog

  6. I love those plates!!! The table looks gorgeous, you did a great job Kristin.

  7. So pretty! I love jingle bells, so may need to incorporate them in my table setting this year. You've inspired me! I also ordered a set of those plates yesterday and am planning to use them as part of my table too :)

  8. Gorgeous! I ordered those plates yesterday and am using them for my table setting this year too. I love the jingle bell idea!

  9. Love this idea kristin!! Totally jealous of your handwriting! ;) Merry Christmas!!

  10. How do you write like that?? Seriuosly prettiest handwriting ever!


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