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DIY Polka Dot Plate (a great gift idea!)

After the Santa Plate debacle, I was determined to try the real Porcelain Pen to see the difference... so I ordered a Pebeo Pen online & gave this project another shot....  This time I took a shallow square dish & added some simple polka dots.  No measuring, no stencils, no LETTERING!  This project took all of 5 minutes to create.  Easy, Easy, EASY!

Once the ink was dry, I set it aside for 24 hours & then followed the baking instructions that came with the Pen.  It WORKED!!!!!

If you are thinking of doing any of the Sharpie on Plates projects go ahead & spring for the Porcelain Pen.  It will save you so much heartache not having your hard work wash off the plate.

These little plates would make great gifts for the upcoming holiday season.  They are what the hubs likes to call Cheap & Cheerful :)  Add a special piece of jewelry to the gift to really make someone smile!  These little studs from Stella & Dot are my new favorite! 

Do you ever get stuck on a project that fails & HAVE to master it?


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  1. This is so darling! Yay for conquering this project :D

  2. I most definitely get 'stuck' on a project, especially if it seems to be falling apart and I get extremely determined to finish it! haha! I've used these porceline pens before and I think they're great...your project turned out darling :)

    xx Ashleigh

  3. I totally love this!! I wish I had the time to do more projects:(

    My sister in law would totally love this!

  4. Super cute plate! I have those studs from S&D and love them. Megan

  5. Oo I love it! Glad you finally mastered the project! Thanks for sharing the process-

  6. I think I need one to set all my perfume bottles on. So chic!

  7. So, you can't buy a porcelain pen at Hob Lob or Michael's?! Bummer! I love, love, love anything black/white & polka dot!

  8. Yikes that's cute!! I must do that asap. And so many possibilities. Thanks!!

  9. Brilliant~ I LOVE this idea!! I am a Stella & Dot independent stylist and now I want to create some of these plates to use in my trunk show display, or give as hostess gifts! Thanks for sharing! ;-) Your blog is awesome, I just discovered it a few weeks ago.

  10. I love the polka dots! I've just been through the same process too - tried the sharpies first and it didn't work, but now I've bought the Porcelaine Pebeo pen to give it a second try.


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