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A Blue Christmas... Again

A few months ago, you'll remember, I participated in the Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge.  I loved doing it & loved our dining room decorations, but sadly had to take them all down immediately for the Do It Yourself Magazine Shoot.  Feeling a bit lazy 2 months later... It's been a busy fall!!!  I decided to only add a few of the decorations back.

(Notice the new Dash & Albert Rug?!?  Ya'll know I love a stripe!)

Luckily, the way I constructed & attached the garland I was able to literally take it off, store it & put it back in place.  Woo Hoo!  I just love the shiny baubles against the stacked branches in the fireplace... 

Something I didn't share in the Home Depot Challenge, was that this Garland is actually three thin garlands combined together.  I literally braided them to give me a fuller look.

I also hung our new stockings that I made out of some old project remnants... do you remember the Bergere Chair, the outdoor pillows & the fur ottoman?

I love being able to incorporate this vintage sled that has been in our shed.  It just screams Christmas!

After all of the original decorations that were up, I feel a bit like I was phoning this room in... does anyone else have a room like that?!?

If you missed the Home Depot Style Challenge Reveal, head over to Home Depot's Blog The Apron to see my finished Dining Room along with a ton of other amazing bloggers.

Dining room decorating ideas from Kristin of The Hunted Interior

You are about to read some shameless begging from a designer obsessed.  Please stop here if you do not want to hear groveling from your favorite blogger :)

***Update 12/31/12***
I have fallen behind on votes & the contest ends TONIGHT at midnight!!

I need all of your HELP to win this gorgeous trunk!!!

I have entered my blue mantel & need your help.  PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE!!
I'll stop my begging there.  I'm not ashamed to beg for this gorgeous piece of furniture.

All you have to do is click right >>>> HERE <<<< Like Emily Henderson & vote.

Link yours up too!  There will be a total of five winners all winning hand selected vintage pieces from Emily herself!  (That would actually be pretty amazing to be hand selected by EH herself...)

ok.  i'm done.  thank you.


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Christmas mantel Link Party

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  1. You've been a busy bee! I hear ya on phoning a room in. I have done very little decorating this year but I love seeing everyone else's homes!

  2. LOVE your fabulous one-of-a-kind take on rustic, bling and vintage all perfectly edited and still festive!

  3. I absolutely LOVE the stockings! Great job as always :)

  4. who doesn't get a stocking??

    1. I made a third one, but Rob wants to use his (& we have to find it)

  5. I just love the swagged ornaments on the mantel - I seem to remember a tidbit about zip ties? I think I will have to copy you - but next year! There's just waaaaay too much going on right now, and I have to go ask for the afternoon off to go make a dent in my to-do list!

  6. It is all beautiful and the vintage sled is AMAZING!!! Now that is a find! Take care, Laura

  7. Brilliant mantel! I love how the bulbs cascade down the side!

  8. Love everything! That mirror is amazing too!


  9. LOVE the stockings. This is exactly what I had been envisioning for stockings but couldn't decide on fabric. You are incredibly talented!

  10. LOVE the stockings and the wood stacked in the fireplace, and pretty much everything else in the room!

  11. Looks awesome, I love that sled! And the way you grouped all the baubles together is really striking... It may not be quite as elaborate this round but I love it!

  12. LOVE! and those stockings are gorgeous!!

  13. Everything about this is beautiful! Really love all this.

  14. I love all of the blue in this room, it is gorgeous. So much shiny goin' on, I just want to hang out in there. :-) And your stockings are so fun, too!

  15. Very pretty, Kristin! I think it looks just as festive as it did before. Love your stockings!

  16. I used to think I was a crafty person but this has me perplexed. I would love to copy it, but am not sure how you have all the baubles attached. Can you let me know how you made this, my email is Thanks so much in advance .

  17. I love the ornament garland! So beautiful! Your stockings are super sylish too.

  18. This is simply gorgeous. Love the colours and the asymetrical look. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Your mantel is so pretty! I would love if you stopped by the BIG Christmas Mantel party to link it up!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  20. Ahhh, so so pretty. I can't get over the wood in the fireplace, first of all! The big fat blue balls (TWSS) are so awesome. Love it all, great job!


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