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My New Obsession

I feel it is very important to have a bit of fun when designing your home, something that you look at it & it just makes you smile.  Something out of the ordinary that no one on your street would have.  I now know what this needs to be in our home.  

vintage disco ball
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Yes Ladies & Gentlemen, this girl is asking Santa for a Disco Ball.  

While self admittedly a magpie, it's sparkly nature should have had me at Hello, but I was not a taker.  I, like the majority of the public felt that the Disco Ball should only make appearances at parties with bad Karaoke & lots of courage inspiring beverages.  No more faithful readers.  No more.  The Disco Ball adds a little something that no other accessory can accomplish & my favorite uses require no hanging. 

Juxtaposed against the rough natural elements, the shiny orb adds a touch of glamour that would elevate any interior.

disco ball

disco ball

Tucking them into fireplaces instantly draws you in to the space.

disco ball.
The Aestate
Add some interest to a stair landing.

Grouping multiple sizes near a window creates an ever changing pattern to an otherwise run of the mill nook.

disco ball
Again, simply nestled in.

Running in Stilettos
Bookshelf sparkler.

I recently bought a small 8" diameter Disco Ball for our Christmas Tree.  As I mentioned the other day, no decorations will see our tree until Thanksgiving.  So until then I have been placing this little ball everywhere.  My favorite spot so far is tucked into our new built ins.  Even the hubs is on board for Disco Decor.

Would you ever?!?


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  1. Replies
    1. Right!?! Why have we been hiding these away in closets & party stores all this time?

  2. Love it!! My mother in-law has one that she wants to hand down for me, but the hubs is fighting it tooth and nail. I might have to take an extra suitcase and sneak it down next time we go visit! Such a fun and inspiring post Kristin!

  3. Yes, you make a very convincing argument! I have about an 8" ball but it's done in Christmas colors. It usually sits on my coffee table for the season and every morning the sun hits it and shoots green and red sparkles all over the room. We all love it! I may need a mirrored one to keep out all year!

  4. I thinks its awesome and I really love it when its mixed with lots of neutrals and texture. hmmm now Im thinking a disco ball in in my future...

  5. Totally love them too!
    I have two disco balls around here, one hanging at my staircase and one on the table at my reading nook.
    Love and huggs from Germany...

  6. Um...FUN! Love it! A disco ball adds just the right kind of sparkle! :-) Can't wait to see it on your tree!

  7. I have an antique one. My daughter bought it years ago with her own money ... she recently was "over it" and I snapped it up. The old vintage ones are amazing in the sun! I recommend one for every house!

  8. Fun! I think I have a gold one in amongst all of the Christmas stuff, and I may have a silver and a mauve as well. Might just have to roll those suckers out early.

  9. Ooooh so fun! I'm a big fan of sparkly and shiny and would love this! I can also imagine the dogs going crazy when the light hits it and throws off all the light everywhere!

  10. Totally love this! In a fireplace or bookcase is awesome. I will be watching for one now, what a cool idea :)

  11. Too funny! I just picked one up at the craft store the other day!! I love it and can't wait to use it at home...flashback baby :)

  12. In fact, I have! :) Two years ago I bought one for the top of our Christmas tree. Everyone thought I was either nuts or loved it. But what matters is that I loved it. It added a touch of fun to our decor and you cant deny how amazing all those sparklies are when the sun hits it!:)

  13. I've had my Disco Ball hanging in our kitchen for over 10 years. I love it. Even have some Disco Ball earrings, although those are somewhere stashed in my jewelry box. The way I see it, everyone should have a disco ball.

  14. I have one that's been in my kitchen for over 10 years. When the mood strikes we just plug it in and let it do it's magic. I even have disco ball earrings, although they're stashed somewhere in my jewelry box. The way I see it, everyone should have a disco ball in their house.


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