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Flameless Candle Giveaway

Just in time for the holidays, I thought I'd share a little love from my Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge.  After decorating our Dining Room, I realized I had a full box of Remote Control Pillar Candles & 2 full sets of six Battery Operated Flameless Tealights left... which meant an instant Giveaway for all of my readers!

These flameless candles are great & provide a realistic flicker effect.  They are perfect for shelves, mantels, basically anywhere you would normally put a candle.  I prefer these especially when mixed with garlands for holiday decorating.  You get the candlelit look without the fire hazard.  This is very important with a curious two year old who thinks all candles are Birthday candles & must be blown out immediately!  No matter the location.

Speaking of two year olds, our favorite part about the remote control candle was making Chloe think she was magically turning on the candles with her hands.  She had a blast & had to show any one who came into the house her "magic" candles :)

I gave ours the snowy look by simply painting them with School Glue & rolling them in Epsom Salt.  Such an easy treatment that could be done to any candle, flameless or not.

(& yes, that is a tree made out of Doughnut Holes!)

This giveaway is open to US Residents only 


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  1. wow, I love what you did with the Epsom salt... love!!

  2. I love the Epsom salt idea - though I will need to pursue that AFTER the boys are in bed! I can just see my husbands eye twitching...LOL

    AND, since DH is a firefighter, he would totally appreciate the flameless candles in the house. He is the one running around blowing them out, right alongside all 3 of my little boys!

  3. Love the epsom salt idea...and i love the donut hole christmas tree!!! You have such wonderful "do-able" ideas!

  4. I love the epsom salts! And the donut hole tree is fabulous too :)

    xoxo, Tanya

  5. Love the flameless candles. And thanks for the tips on clustering the ornaments on the HD site. Hadn't thought of that.

  6. Remote control candles...where have I been that is so cool!!!!


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