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DIY Santa Plate & a Pinterest Fail

We've all been there... you are casually perusing the mind numbing images & ideas on Pinterest when you stumble across a pin that looks too good to be true.  Which probably started with a real image that someone added their own tag line to.  (I kinda hate that part...but yes, I do it too.)  & you are suckered into trying it...  

Well that was me this time.  I went into this project knowing it may or may not work after reading completely opposite comments of how "This Worked for ME!" & "This was an Epic Fail!"... I had to try it for myself.

I had wanted to create a new Santa Plate & Mug set for our family to put out Christmas Eve.  The store bought ones are cute, but usually that is my problem.  They are "cute."  Red & Green with cartoony images... not really our jam (well mine).  So I decided to give the "Write on any plate with a Sharpie & it will be Permanent!!" ploy.

I used an extra plate/platter we had & went to good ole Target for a mug.  I picked up some new Sharpie's & got to work....  Once I was done, I put my new Santa Set into a cool oven & baked them for 30 minutes at 350 degrees once the oven was preheated.  I then let them cool completely in the oven before touching them.

I waited 24 hours to touch the ink... & it rubbed right off when I did.  Well, kind of expecting that to happen I was less bummed, but still.  Back to the internet & subsequently craft store I went.  This time I was in search of a Porcelain Pen... sold out!  Back up option (& still risky) an Oil Based Sharpie.  Legend has it, this will work.  Ha... I'll believe it when I see it.

Back to the drawing board, literally.  I drew & I drew & finally when I was done I waited 24 hours before baking the plates.  (I read someone's comment somewhere to do that...) Then I repeated the baking process... Again.  

This time, I must admit, they are much more permanent but still not something I would scrub or ever put in the dishwasher... But I figure for a Plate & a Mug that come out once a year... this might work.

Wanting to have a little fun with the design, our mug both says "Naughty" & "Nice" depending on the side you hold.

Obviously, I would not suggest eating a full meal off of the plate, nor putting your design anywhere near the mouth of the mug as the Sharpie's are not food safe.  But again... a few cookies on the non written side should be fine once a year.

I'll be sure to let you know how they stand up to Santa & the Reindeer...

Have any of you been suckered into a Pin lately?!?  I can't be the only one :)

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  1. This is too funny, I just tried this pinterest idea about a week ago and was so frustrated by the results! I had been looking for some easy DIYs to give as Christmas gifts and thought the personalized sharpie mugs would be the way to go! I guess I'll have to be on the hunt for a porcelain pen. Will let you know how it turns out!

    PS- Love your blog!


  2. I just have to tell you, I've been reading your blog for about six months now and I just adore it! Your DIYs in particular are so fun to read, and I appreciate how candid you are (and hilarious, I might add). You are so creative and crafty, and I so appreciate the inspiration and encouragement you put out there. Have a great weekend, girl! :)

  3. Oh, they do look great and definitely better than the somewhat tacky Santa plate we use. Frustrating, though, I know! I had a recent Pinterest fail, too, involving craft paint and shaving cream. Ugh, what a mess. I know Sharpies aren't permanent on plates, though, because my MIL washed a plate my son made in preschool in the diswasher. ????

  4. Too bad the sharpie didn't work because your handwriting is gorgeous. My sister made some hand painted mugs for me last Christmas that were adorable. She used Pebeo Porcelaine 150 China Paint Fine Tip Markers (ordered from Amazon) and they have held up great. You can take a peek at them here:

  5. Kristen,

    Love this idea! That plate is so cute. BTW....the longer the sharpie "sets" the more permanent it becomes. And they make some great porcelaine markers!


    PS Tweeting, pinning and facebooking!

  6. Okay thank you for blogging about the Sharpie Pinterest fail! Because I definitely jumped on that bandwagon as soon as I saw it flying around Pinterest, spent a couple hours doodling up a storm on some of our mugs, only to wash them after they'd "cooked" and have it all disappear. Argh! #pinterestfail Oh, the life of a DIY blogger! :)

  7. Your handwriting rocks Kristin!!! I have only done this with a porcelaine pen, so thanks for the heads up!! They look amazing!

  8. Well, the writing on these pieces is amazing -- seriously, I don't know how you do that! I had a major Pinterest recipe fail -- and it was a recipe that everyone was pinning. Maybe it was an error on my part, lol, I don't know. You aren't the only one!

  9. I have done something similar with the porcelain pens and it worked great, but again, I still don't put them in the dishwasher. I just don't trust it!

    And I had no idea there were even different kinds of sharpies like oil based, so I suspect there are probably a lot of 'fails' out there with this project lol

  10. I had the same fail that I posted about here!!

    Can't win them all I guess!! :)

  11. Hey Kristin ~ I just blogged about painting your own dishes w/paint pens & I swear I didn't find your blog until JUST NOW! ( Anyhow - maybe something I came across & did will help you out w/the areas that didn't work? My dishes are still holding up w/multiple uses & dishwasher trips. Good luck! ~ Dee

  12. Great tip! I was getting ready to do this with 22 plates at work. Now to find the right pen by tomorrow :/


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